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Andorra Taste


For the first time, Andorra is bringing together the best chefs in high mountain gastronomy! More than a hundred professionals from different parts of the world are getting together in our country to discuss identity, sustainability and the influence of high mountain territories through gastronomy. You will have a unique opportunity to learn culinary techniques and discover some of the star dishes of Andorran cuisine.

This gastronomic meeting, which is taking place in Escaldes-Engordany, will include international chefs such as:

  • Ana Roš, who has 2 Michelin stars, and was awarded World’s Best Female Chef in 2017, from the Hiša Franko restaurant (Slovenia)
  • Francis Paniego, who has 2 Michelin starts, from the El Portal de Echaurren restaurant (la Rioja)
  • Mateu Casañas, Eduard Xatruch and Oriol Castro, from the Disfrutar restaurant (Barcelona), who have 2 Michelin stars and are in 3rd position on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants
  • Nacho Manzano, who has 2 Michelin stars, from the Casa Marcial restaurant (Asturias)
  • Fina Puigdevall, who has 2 Michelin stars, from the Les Cols restaurant (Girona)
  • Nandu Jubany, who has 1 Michelin star, from the Can Jubany restaurant (Barcelona)
  • Mette Helbæk and Flemming Schiøtt Hansen, who are world-renowned for creating a forest complex in the south of Sweden, from the Stedsans in the Woods restaurant (Sweden)

For us, Andorran gastronomy will be represented by various chefs, such as:

  • Carles Flinch, from the Can Manel restaurant
  • Dolors Pal and Josep Troguet, from the Borda Raubert restaurant
  • Hideki Matsuhisa, from the Koi Shunka restaurant
  • Jordi Grau, who has 1 Michelin star, from the Ibaya restaurant
  • Josep M. Kao, from the Kao Soldeu restaurant
  • Marcel Besolí, from the Celler d’en Toni restaurant
  • Miquel Canturri, from Mínim’s restaurant
  • Oriol Rovira, who has 1 Michelin star, and Oscar Villalba, from the Les Pardines 1819 restaurant
  • Victoria Kermerer and Pablo Pérez, from the Kökosnøt restaurant

Find out about all the chefs who will be at Andorra Taste here 


The Andes will be the stand-out invited territory in this year’s Andorra Taste. It will include chefs Rodolfo Guzmán from the Baragó restaurant, in Santiago de Chile (Chile); Samuel Ortega from the ShamuiCo Espai Gastronòmic restaurant (Ecuador) and Aníbal Criollo from the Naturalia en la Cocha restaurant, Nariño (Colombia), who are renowned for their high mountain cuisine.

Their experiences will show how they manage to work on traditionally prepared recipes with products from the area, grown in extreme terrain and climates. They highlight the tastes of the past, but give them a fabulously modern touch, at a height of more than 2500 m. Quite the challenge!

  • The best gourmet tastings at Andorra Taste Popular

From 16 to 18 September, Andorra Taste will also offer a broad schedule of activities for all ages. Veedors street in Escaldes-Engordany will be decked out to welcome anyone who wants to discover our cuisine. Spread out all across the avenue, you will find different gourmet spaces, allowing you to be able to delight in our chefs’ most sophisticated cooking. Don't miss the gourmet tapas with our quintessentially local products and all of the high mountain taste.

Local manufacturers will also have a special space where they can show you their wide range of products: marmalades, honeys, spirits, wines, beers, cheeses and sausages, among other things; prepared in an entirely traditional manner.

  • Live Showcooking

Throughout the weekend, live cooking workshops will also be offered! Pay attention, and don’t miss the culinary demonstration of the chefs that are participating in the professional meetings. Aníbal Criollo, as an invited international chef, and various professionals from the country, will show you the best-kept secrets of their cuisine. In addition, various tastings will also be offered, so that you can discover our best local products. Find out about it here, and don't miss out on it!

  • Children’s classroom: cooking with MasterChef 6

If you have a little master chef at home, you can’t miss out on the MasterChef 6 workshops (Spanish version). Victor and Sofia, the participants in this well-known televised culinary competition, are ready to show children how to prepare different traditional Andorran recipes, so that they can bring a little piece of Andorra home.


Andorra Taste will close with a grand finale, and the presentation of the Andorra Taste Award. It is awarded to the renowned French chef Michel Bras, who has 2 Michelin stars. This chef is receiving this award after an impeccable career leading his restaurant, Le Suquet, which is located in Laguiole (Aubrac). Originally from Aveyron (France), and self taught, Bras’s designs and platings have been some of the most imitated and admired by chefs from all over the world. A pioneer in introducing wild plants and edible flowers into his cooking, some of his dishes are icons of haute cuisine.


Whether you are a professional in the sector, or just someone who loves good food, Andorra Taste is for you! With a wide-ranging programme of presentations, activities and workshops, you will discover the best-kept secrets of the most well-renowned chefs, as well as also being able to delight in their most exquisite offerings. And all this is brought to life with the best live music!

The event will take place in person in Andorra, specifically in the Escaldes-Engordany parish, but you will also be able to follow it online, via the digital platform.

Register and don’t miss their presentations!  

Indulge your palate at Andorra Taste 2022!

Location and dates: The El Prat del Roure room and Veedors street facilities, in Escaldes-Engordany, from 14 to 18 September.

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