Dive into Andorran culture by visiting the museums: discover the lifestyle of our ancestors, and their traditions and folklore.

With its museums, music shows, theatre and outdoor religious art, Andorran culture awaits you with open arms.

Its museums are, without doubt, one of the best kept secrets in the Principality. Did you know that Andorra has more museums per capita than any other country? There is something for everyone here! Some museums on the Rural Habitat itinerary take ancient tradition as their theme. Others centre on the essential economic activities over the years, such as mining and the tobacco industry. Others delight visitors with luxury items or objects coveted the world over, such as perfumes or motorcycles. And like these there are many more.

Winter also affords the interesting opportunity of experiencing a unique picture - Andorra' romantic churches covered in snow. This medieval artistic style is one of the distinguishing features that best defines us, and at this time of year its most rural side is revealed, in harmony with nature.

A calendar full of shows

In Andorra, culture and live shows come to all the parishes with theatre, concerts, workshops for all ages, cinema projections and much more. To find out what's happening during your stay, just check the Calendar section where you will find a full list of all the cultural events in Andorra.


Museums, Roman churches and much more...