In Andorra, you’ll find all sorts of stores to suit all tastes, on the streets and inside shopping centres. Just click on the wide range of establishments located in the Principality

Unbeatable reasons to go shopping in Andorra

Shopping in Andorra offers a number of advantages compared to our neighbouring countries.

Many tourists from around the world, especially Spain and France, come to the shops in Andorra to treat themselves. They’re the perfect place to go shopping thanks to low prices, the variety of facilities, long opening hours and much more. Here we explain in detail why our commercial industry is in a league of its own. Come find out for yourself!

The first and perhaps most important is the price of products: everything is cheaper in the stores in the Principality. This is thanks to our government’s low tax policy, which is reflected in the final price the consumer pays. Beyond that, there are lots of other reasons that make a day’s shopping in our country an attractive prospect. The long opening times, for instance: our shops only close for four holidays a year, and stay open until 8, 9 or 10 in the evening, depending on the season. Our high streets and shopping centres are home to the world's best brands in each sector, which means you can be sure of the quality. Also, if you're coming from a country that uses euro, it couldn’t be easier as you can buy in euros.             

If you want to make sure your shopping experience is a complete success, we recommend visiting the website dedicated to Customs to find out about the customs limits, i.e., the limit on the quantity or units you can take with you when you cross the border back to your country. You’ll also find the contact details for the Consumer Care Service, which guarantees your consumer rights at all times.

What can you buy in Andorra?

Nearly everything. There are some sectors, though, that are widely present in our shopping centres. Of course, you’ll find fashion and accessories, including premium brands, aimed at customers who will also find stores offering luxury jewellery and watches. Technology is another major attraction: the latest computer and electronic releases are all waiting for you in our stores. The same goes for perfumes and cosmetics: prestigious fragrances, innovative treatments and more, all at your fingertips in the Principality. And we can’t forget about sports: Andorra is passionate about sports and, this shows in our wide range of speciality stores. Gourmet cuisine, music and toys are just some of the many products on offer you’ll find in Andorran shops.

In fact, this time of year is great shopping, for the traditional summer sales or Mother's Day (in many European countries celebrated in May), are just two examples. You’ll also find many of our stores update their store windows with seasonal products. This is the case with clothing and equipment for summer sports, with a special focus on cycling, hiking and climbing, among others.

Whether you're a lover of shopping or just hunting some good bargains, Andorra and our many shops await you with our doors wide open this season. 


Shopping in Andorra doesn’t stop for the summer