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Take a look at the range of shopping opportunities on offer in Andorra. You will find shopping districts all over the country


Are you looking for the new trends for this season? If you come shopping in Andorra, you’ll find the best offers and promotions so you won’t hesitate to treat yourself.


There are lots of reasons why it’s worth going shopping in Andorra. Low taxes, premium brand names and more. Get all the information you’ll need here!


Reasons why it’s better to go shopping in Andorra

There can be no doubt that the biggest appeal of our stores are the prices.

One pastime loved by Andorrans and tourists alike is shopping. And with good reason: shopping in the Principality is an experience that offers a whole range of advantages. Here we’ll give you just some of the many reasons to come shopping in Andorra: affordable prices, long opening hours, premier brand names. Are you in?

Thanks to Andorra’s low taxation policy, you can enjoy cheap shopping in Andorra at all our shops. But that’s just one of many advantages. Many consumers choose our country for the premium brands available in the Principality, from all sectors. And you can buy their products practically all year round, with long opening hours: our stores close only four days a year and are open until 8, 9 or 10 in the evening, depending on the day of the week and the season. 

On the other hand, shopping in our country couldn’t be easier, because our currency is the euro. All you need to know is the customs limits for each product: this is the limit on quantity or units that each person can take out of Andorra. On the page dedicated to Customs, you'll find all the information you need.

Of course, we also have a Consumer Care Service that guarantees protection of your consumer rights at all times.

What can I buy?

In Andorra you can buy virtually any modern product. There are numerous fashion and accessories boutiques on the high street and in shopping centres, specialising in luxury brand names, as well as offering a range of jewellery and watch stores. Shopping for technology in Andorra is another recommended option: new releases from major manufacturers are quick to reach our stores, whether computers, tablets, smartphones, cameras or any other gadget for your everyday life. The beauty sector is also well catered for, with the best brands in cosmetics and perfumes. Smokers will also find tobacco at more affordable prices, as well as special editions of cigarettes and cigars. And of course, our passion for sports means there’s no small number of speciality shops ready to serve your winter sports needs, especially skiing.

These are just some of the main options, though. You’ll find nearly everything here, from children's items to musical instruments, and much more. Come find out for yourself: you’ll be glad you did!

Dates and special seasonal events

The winter season is the perfect time for shopping in our stores

Black Friday in Andorra, for example, in late November, has fast established itself as a classic for people wishing to enjoy special discounts on all kinds of products. Those who want to enjoy the same discounts for technology goods can spend the weekend and enjoy Cyber Monday, the Monday after Black Friday. 

Christmas is an intense experience in Andorra, particularly if you like shopping, with the traditional sales in late December. The same goes for special seasonal dates: Valentine's Day, Father's Day and more.


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