Located in the heart of the Pyrenees, Andorra is the perfect destination to enjoy a few days of peace, calm, nature and well-being! Breathe in, out, in...

For this holiday season, we the suggest that you treat yourself to some unique moments full of benefits, pleasure and health.  There are plenty of options and activities in the country that will perfectly suit your needs, helping you to not only disconnect from everyday stress, but also to connect with yourself, re-establishing the balance to your body and mind, to feel in perfect harmony.


Reinforce your immune system with forest bathing

It is proven that Shirim yoku, (forest bathing) offers multiple benefits to our health. So much so that not only can you enjoy this healthy practice in the summer months in the country, but now you can also do it in the winter, thus increasing all its benefits. The cold mountain air along with the frozen nature of our forests will enter all the pores of your skin, filling them with life, health and youthfulness. In the country there are many companies where you can do this activity, such as Wellness Experiències, My world of Experiències, ln to the forest and you can also do it through Andorra Health Destination, an association in the country, comprising several companies dedicated to health and well-being.

Awareness hiking, absorb nature’s atmosphere

Another healthy practice that you will be able to do out in the country is awareness hiking, which goes practically hand-in-hand with forest bathing. This activity will allow you to connect with nature in all its aspects. And it’s not only about hiking, enjoying unique moments of peace and well-being, but also during the hike, you will enjoy informative and educational workshops that will give you lots of details about the flora and fauna all around you. This activity is organised through the Guineu Blanca mountain guides and it’s perfect for the little ones.


Moments, following the path of well-being

Under the name “Som bosc” [We are forest], Moments is a well-being proposal especially designed to help work your interior and to help you to connect with yourself.  Located in the heart of the mountain, you will follow a route with multiple stops where through different approaches and reflections, you are invited to go on a journey to your interior, encouraging self-recognition, in order to return balance to your body and mind while experiencing unique moments of connection with nature. Get more information at the Andorra la Vella  and Sant Julia de Lòria tourist offices, and come and discover your essence.


Mindfulness, wake up to the present

Continue your health and well-being experience in the country and place yourself into the hands of our professionals who will offer you unique holistic treatments and therapies. Especially designed to combine the natural spaces of our environment, you’ll find a whole world of activities to your liking: yoga, meditation, health workshops, and much more! You will learn to live in the present moment, connecting with your essence, and leaving behind other negative thoughts and limitations.



Other health proposals with Andorra Health Destination

Complementing your activities in nature with other health proposals! You will be able to do this and a lot more with Andorra Health Destination! This association of health companies, made up of some of the professionals from around the country, offers quality products to all those who wish to look after their bodies and minds. Discover the comprehensive, rejuvenating health experiences first-hand, including regenerative medicine, sports medicine and biomedicine treatments, as well as holistic therapies, which will look after your mind and body and keep them in harmony.


Relax at the most exclusive Spas and Wellness centres

Wellness and health can also come together for a good treatment, a relaxing massage or a delightful soak in warm waters. And if they are thermal waters, like those at Caldea, you will enjoy the benefits for your skin even more. There are many unique spaces in the country where you can enjoy these treatments and disconnect. Follow the link to discover them and choose the one that best suits your needs. You’ll feel as good as new!

Don't stay at home this winter. Come and enjoy the most natural well-being in Andorra!






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