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Last updated: 23/11/2022

Body responsible for processing your personal data:

ANDORRA TURISME, SAU, which is the holder of Tax Registration Number (NRT) A-707655-R and can be contacted as follows:

Registered address: RADIO ANDORRA - Av. de la Bartra s/n - AD200 ENCAMP.
Telephone: (+376) 89 11 89

In accordance with the applicable legislation, the data you give us will be added to a database owned by ANDORRA TURISME, SAU, which is registered with the Andorran Data Protection Agency.

What information do we gather?

ANDORRA TURISME may gather the following personal information from the users of the website and/or Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube whenever the corresponding forms are completed: name and surname(s), email address, post code, country of residence, telephone number, date of birth, gender, and credit card details.

When you visit the website or our official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube pages, register to purchase tickets online, take part in promotions, surveys and competitions, draws or agree to receive newsletters from ANDORRA TURISME, we will request the data that we consider essential in order for you to make the purchase, take part in the activity and/or receive the communications in question. We require this information for the following reasons:

  • We need your name and email address in order to identify you in all our communications;
  • We need your credit card details in order to process your ticket purchases;
  • We need your telephone number in order to contact you in the event of an incident related to your ticket purchases;
  • We need your post code and country of residence in order to send communications regarding specific activities or events in your place of residence;
  • We need your date of birth in order to confirm you are of legal age, to send you a message on your birthday, and to send you details of personalised promotions;
  • We need to know your gender, interests, household details, number of children, social network usage and whether or not you intend to visit Andorra in order to contact you in a more personalised way and send you communications that are based on your profile

Finally, when you take part in an event organised by ANDORRA TURISME, we can capture your image in photos and/or videos documenting the event.

The data are processed in accordance with the applicable legislation and with the aim of safeguarding them at all times. They are only used for the specified purpose, and to communicate any information relating to same. You are responsible for ensuring that the data you give us are correct and kept up to date.

What is the purpose of processing your data?

Your personal data are processed for the following purposes, as applicable:

  • To manage and enable the online purchase of tickets. We use your personal information to process your purchase and to notify you via email or telephone of any information related to said purchase that may be of interest. We also use the data to manage and issue documents accrediting your purchase of said tickets, and for any communications related thereto.
  • To manage and send you personalised communications via your e-mail in order to take part in ANDORRA TURISME promotions, prize draws, surveys or competitions or receive newsletters relating to the full range of tourist activities on offer in Andorra, as well as the latest news and events. The management of these communications requires the creation of user profiles, for which we use the personal data you give us and, where relevant, information obtained from your browsing of the website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter pages. This enables us to assess particular aspects related to your personal preferences, with the aim of sending you commercial communications that are adapted to suit your profile. 
  • To gather statistics that help us to improve the services and products we offer.
  • To publish, for informative or promotional purposes, the names of the winners and photos or videos of the winners of our draws receiving their prizes, either on our website or in the specialist press.
  • To respond to users’ requests to exercise their rights and to deal with any queries or complaints.

Cookies Policy

To make sure the website works correctly, we use session cookies on your device. A cookie is a small text file that the website places on your computer or mobile device for a specific period of time. The cookie remembers that you visited us on a previous occasion, and that it is not necessary to repeat the consent message every time you move from one page to another.
It allows the website to identify your browsing activities, the content you showed an interest in, and the preferences you demonstrated during your visit; e.g. the start of the session, the website language, etc.
At no point do these cookies gather personal data: they are completely anonymous and any data gathered by via Google Analytics has an encrypted IP address. These data make it possible for us to obtain information regarding our users which we can then use to create a better browsing experience and improve the functionality of the website.

As the user, you always have the capacity to configure your browser so that it alerts you when cookies are present; you can also configure it manually so that it does not accept cookies, as this will not prevent you from accessing the website.

How long do we store your data?

ANDORRA TURISME will store your personal data for the amount of time we consider necessary to satisfy the purpose for which such data was provided, the need to resolve any incidents related to ticket purchases and to comply with the provisions of the applicable legislation. Once this period has ended, your personal data will be stored for the amount of time required to meet the legal responsibilities of the data processing in question, in compliance with the applicable legislation. Once our responsibility has expired, the data will be deleted from all of ANDORRA TURISME’s systems.

ANDORRA TURISME will store photos or videos of the events it organises, including those of draw winners receiving their prizes, for a maximum of two years after the date of the event.

Why do we process your data?

ANDORRA TURISME may process your personal data for the following reasons:

In order to fulfil a ticket purchase: as the user, you are obliged to provide the necessary information to enable the ticket to be purchased. If you do not provide this information, you will not be able to purchase the ticket, as this information is also necessary in order to manage and send your purchase receipt.

Your data may also be processed because you gave your consent by providing your personal data when filling out any of our forms.

Do we give your personal data to anyone else?

Neither your personal data nor those of any other user may be given or communicated by ANDORRA TURISME to any third parties, except by the following bodies:

  • Public administrations and organisations, when we are required to do so by law.
  • Companies that provide data-processing services on behalf of ANDORRA TURISME and are subject to our control. Under all circumstances, the third parties with which we share any personal data must have previously demonstrated that they have taken the appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the correct protection of said data. Under no circumstances may they access the data for their own purposes, use them in a manner that is not in keeping with the instructions they have received, or use them for purposes other than the provision of the service the responsible body has contracted them to provide.
  • To the specialist press, in order to cover and promote events.

Security of personal data

ANDORRA TURISME has a sophisticated security system that guarantees the protection of your data and the data provided by all of the users of and our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter pages.

In the event that this security system fails and the personal data we store, process or transmit are accidentally or unlawfully destroyed, lost, altered, disclosed to unauthorised parties or accessed, we at ANDORRA TURISME undertake to act with maximum transparency and notify the affected users immediately.

If you are aware of or suspect that your personal data are being unlawfully used by third parties or accessed without authorisation, inform us as soon as possible.

User rights with regard to personal data:

As a user, you can exercise the following rights:

Right of access: You have the right to find out whether or not ANDORRA TURISME is processing your personal data, and to access any of your personal data that may be held by ANDORRA TURISME.

Right of rectification: You have the right to ask ANDORRA TURISME to rectify any errors in your personal data, or to complete them if they are incomplete.

Right of limitation: You have the right to request that we limit the processing of your data; in which case we shall only keep them in order to exercise or defend the filing of claims and complaints.

Right of opposition: You have the right to oppose ANDORRA TURISME’s processing of your personal data for the legitimate purposes and interests specified herein, including the creation of profiles; in which case, ANDORRA TURISME will cease the processing of your data, except for legitimate and necessary reasons or in the exercising or defence of any claims or complaints.

Right of suppression/to be forgotten: You have the right to request the suppression of your personal data if, among other reasons, they are not needed for the purposes for which they were gathered.

Right of data portability: You have the right to be given your data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and to transfer them to another responsible party when the processing of same is based on consent or is contractual and effected via automated means.

Right to complain: You have the right to make a complaint to the Andorran Data Protection Agency.

If you wish to exercise these rights or have any queries regarding our processing of your data, please send your request or send us a postal mail to ANDORRA TURISME at RADIO ANDORRA - Av. de la Bartra s/n - AD200 ENCAMP. If you decide to contact us by post, please, kindly let us know how we can contact you in case we need to further authenticate your identity before attending your request.

In your request, you will need to specify your name and surname(s), the address or email address used for notification and the right you wish to exercise.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy:

If any changes are made to this Privacy Policy after you have accepted it, you will be notified via email.