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Your getaway in Andorra is filled with hidden nooks that you simply mustn’t miss! Art and architecture will be your companions during the perfect day out for those with enquiring minds. Discover the historical and cultural development of Andorra - an ideal place to go exploring!

Proximity is one of our country's great advantages

The Principality of Andorra has everything you could ever need to get away from your daily routine, from work-related stress and from the hectic pace of everyday life. As well as nature and peace, your getaway to Andorra can also be rounded off with all kinds of cultural, leisure, relaxing or sports activities—whatever you prefer. We're a short distance from big cities in the North-East of Spain and the South of France, such as Barcelona, Zaragoza, Lleida or Toulouse. You can easily travel to Andorra by road from any of these cities, as there are several regular bus routes that run on a daily basis. Travelling with your own vehicle is also a perfectly good choice all year round: Andorra can be accessed by road from Spain (La Farga de Moles) and France (El Pas de la Casa) alike. It often takes only 2–3 hours to get to Andorra, which means that it's the perfect destination for a several-day getaway.

Travellers who live further away have the option of flying or taking a high-speed train from a number of cities and regions in Spain (Madrid, the Basque country, Valencia, etc.) and France (Paris, Lyon, etc.), to any of the cities mentioned earlier, and transfer from there. Find out more about distances and transport options in our “How to get here” section.

In addition to proximity, the ease and simplicity of the formalities required to visit our country is yet another advantage. European nationals and citizens from countries belonging to the Schengen area don't even need a visa: a valid passport or national identity card is all you'll need to cross the Andorran border. For further information, visit our Before you come section, particularly if you're from a country that is not a signatory of the Schengen Agreement.

Couples, families and friends: that's where our focus is

As you can see, a considerable part of this page is devoted to our key audience: couplesfamilies and groups of friends. All of them will find a wide array of travel proposals so that they can enjoy a getaway to Andorra. Romantic weekend getaways are a good example. Our green and peaceful landscapes are the perfect place to fall in love and enjoy all kinds of activities that will surely become binding and unforgettable memories, while our restaurants, some of which are housed in typical Andorran rural cottages, are an ideal venue to savour a romantic soirée.

Andorra's wealth of natural hot springs also affords the option of enjoying a romantic spa getaway, Caldea is a large facility devoted to thermal spa leisure, an activity that can be further enhanced at Inúu, which specialises in thermal water health and wellness treatments. In fact, many of our hotels have spas among their facilities, meaning that your hotel won't just be a place where you spend the night, but rather will become a genuine retreat of love and wellness.

If you're planning a family getaway, a weekend (or even better, a long weekend!) should suffice for your children to have a blast. Naturland, the eco-park that's open all year round, is a great place to start, but it's also worth highlighting the adventure parks that the Vallnord and Grandvalira ski resorts turn into once the snow melts. If that weren't enough, Andorra's activity agenda fills up with events for children, such as performances by the Cirque du Soleil or all kinds of workshops held at our cultural and leisure centres.

If, on the other hand, you plan on visiting the Principality with friends, there is also a wide range of proposals. You can plan a relaxing getaway and take it easy at one of our many wellness centres or just as easily organise a quick hiking, cycling, mountain biking, canyoning or rock climbing trip. If you fancy a weekend of fun and partying, our pubs and night clubs are a great option, but not the only ones: you can also celebrate by yourselves in a rural lodge in the countryside. Cultural outings to museums or to Romanesque architectural sites, or shopping trips to give yourself a treat, are yet a few other options that are all the more enjoyable in the company of friends. Come and find out!

Offers on weekend getaways in Andorra

The price, of course, is another reason to enjoy a weekend getaway in our country. Thanks to our low taxes, shopping in Andorra is a real bargain. We do, nonetheless, advise travellers to read more on our customs exemptions, that is, the number of items or amount of a certain product that you can take home with you.

What's more, many of our shops and businesses have special offers and promotions regardless of the time of year—summertime included. In that sense, checking each business' official website is useful for organising cheap getaways to Andorra, as you'll be able to benefit from 2 for 1 promotions, free nights at our hotels, all-inclusive packages and other discounts. You can access them directly at

These are some of the reasons—but not the only ones—to make Andorra the destination of your next getaway.

Pack your suitcase and organise your break from routine!

Plans for two or three days

48 or 72 hours can offer a lot. Particularly in the company of your partner, family or friends