Choose to try the local cuisine, find out where you can sample it You will find charming places where eating is always a pleasure.


In addition to traditional Andorran gastronomy, in our country you can delight your palate with dishes from all around the world: restaurants serving Italian, Argentine and Asian cuisine, and much more.

Quality above all

The restaurants of Andorra la Vella and the other six parishes in the Principality offer the highest level of quality and attention to detail. 

In any country where tourism is the mainstay of the economy, offering great cuisine is a must. But Andorra really goes the extra mile: we love and appreciate good food. The main ingredients that make our dishes special are tradition and innovation, quality produce and a lot of love: from the kitchen to the table. All this with fresh, seasonal produce that will delight your senses and help keep you toasty warm in the colder months. Here we’ll explain why eating out in Andorra is sure to be one of the highlights of your holiday. Bon appetit!

The recipes on offer are second to none: traditional, modern or a mix of both abound on all the menus of our establishments. The service is great, too: you’ll find a friendly, personal touch in all our restaurants. One added advantage you’ll appreciate compared to our neighbours: the inhabitants of Andorra are naturally trilingual (Catalan, Spanish and French) and our tourism workers are proficient in English. Communicating with customers is certainly no problem. Finally, quality is guaranteed at all levels: with stringent health and safety measures, our establishments make for cosy, settings. Some are located in rehabilitated traditional buildings, such as the classic bordes (country houses).

A price you’ll appreciate

This variety in culinary offerings also extends to price.

There are several cheap restaurants in Andorra that keep prices low without compromising on quality, with special offers according to different criteria (weekdays, customer loyalty, age of the diners, etc.). In some cases, you’ll find the price is cheaper if you take out the service as part of a package deal, with a ski pass, for example, at our ski resorts.

When you're at the table, though, what will you choose? Our country offers a large number of international restaurants: ItalianAsianFrench, etc. However, if you want to discover a new cuisine on your holiday, we suggest you taste our traditional dishes and produce.

Our cuisine is of course influenced by our location, and our dishes have the high mountains in their DNA, in both their aromas and their flavours. Our seasonal recipes are a great way to enjoy it. One highlight is escudella, a light pork stew with seasonal vegetables. It’s typically served during winter and at popular events. One of our signature dishes are cannelloni 'à la Andorrana', with lamb, pork and chicken rolled in pasta with bechamel sauce. Thanks to our natural surroundings, game and river fish are the basis for dishes such as civet of hare or trout à la Andorrana. Don’t forget to water these dishes down with our country’s high-mountain wines: you’re sure to love them!


Andorran cuisine: mountain inspired.
Okay, so now you have a few reasons to enjoy eating out in Andorra, and we hope you’re impressed.