Not only will you be wowed by Andorra's home-cooked food, in these restaurants you’ll be eating in the mountains, on the banks of rivers with crystal-clear waters, in green valleys... Experiences that go beyond food which you’ll experience in the Pyrenean country. Discover it here!


Our restaurants don't only serve local dishes: there are many international recipes that know nothing of borders: Asian, Italian, vegetarian, signature dishes... Learn about the best restaurants in Andorra la Vella and the rest of the Principality's parishes.

Eating out in Andorra in summer will delight your senses

Andorran cuisine is an experience for all the senses, especially in the summer time, when you can enjoy our best recipes in some unique settings. A good example are the outdoor terraces, often located in idyllic spots, where you can take in panoramic views of our valleys and mountains while enjoying the most delicious dishes. It’s also a good time to book a table at ourbordes: small mountain houses "bordas", traditionally used to store livestock and working equipment, which have been renovated and given a second life as superb restaurants. Many are open all year round, but it’s in summer when the combination with nature is even more perfect.

Quality at affordable prices

Eating cheaply in Andorra is possible any time of year. Thanks to affordable à la carte and set menu prices, and other offers such as discounts for age and all-inclusive packages, many of our restaurants offer quality to suit all budgets. You can check prices, promotions and news on the official websites. For practical information on each restaurant, such as services, opening times or contact details, you can access their individual file on our website.

Our restaurants combine tradition and avant-garde modernity, where attention to detail is key to our recipes, establishments and service. You can discover local dishes from the Principality and the Pyrenees in general, such as trinxat, made from winter cabbage, potato, garlic and bacon. Escudella (a light pork stew), cannelloni "à la Andorrana" or game and fish dishes are firm favourites all year round. If you prefer international cuisine, though, our list of local restaurants also covers AsianMediterranean and Italian restaurants, among others. Of course, the menu wouldn’t be complete without vegetarian restaurants for those who don’t eat meat.

Ingredients you’ll also find in our shops, to take home with you and enjoy in your own home. This is the case of Andorran horse meat and beef, with controlled production methods. We also produce aromatic plants and herbs for cooking or making teas: mint, hyssop, wild thyme and many more. Our organic jams and condiments, such as "nectum d'avet" pine elixir, add the perfect special touch to many dishes. Feeling thirsty? Try our high-quality mountain wines, or an artisan liqueur that is a key part of our ancestral tradition: Ratassia de la Carmeta.


Fascinating contrasts, ready to serve

Andorran cuisine is full of contrasts, and nowhere is that more obvious than in our dishes.