Wellness tourism, do it with us

Wellness tourism is an increasingly popular activity, where you can enjoy switching off for a couple of days while you visit the country, and at the same time boost your well-being with a comprehensive health and beauty treatment, following one of our ground-breaking methods. Or how about a tweak or two with cosmetic surgery, to contour a detail of your body?


When you talk about the Andorra Health Destination you’re talking about holidays to enhance your health and well-being! As we are aware of the importance of our guests’ well-being, the Andorra Health Destination gathers together professionals in the sector to offer quality therapies and treatments to people who not only come to the country to visit it, but also want to take care of their body and mind.

The country’s natural surroundings, together with our most qualified professionals, make Andorra an ideal health tourism destination. Whether you're a nature or sports enthusiast, or you love shopping, in the Andorra Health Destination you will find plans of one or more days, which you can enjoy with your family, partner or friends!


Are you looking for a centre where you can try different comprehensive health treatments? Our experts and specialists can offer you the therapies, experiences and treatments that best suits your requirements. You will find plans to match your preferences: yoga sessions, skin treatments, relaxing massages, forest bathing, osteopathy, slimming programmes, ozone therapy, anti-age treatments and much more. Get in touch and ask for an appointment. They’re waiting for you!



The wellness walks invite you to enjoy moments of calm and reflection, in the midst of nature. They are designed so that you can interact with your surroundings in an organised manner, through questions, exercises, training and various other activities carried out with the help of an aid or guide. The route through the natural space also incorporates basic signage, to ensure you cannot get lost.

There are currently three itineraries with different objectives that can be completed individually (‘We Are Forest’), in groups (‘We Are Tartera’) or as a family (‘We Are Mountain’).


Based on a Japanese technique for reconnecting with nature, Shinrin-Yoku, or forest bathing, is a truly transforming experience. Using the natural resources of the environment, this activity takes place in the middle of Andorran forests, thus providing the natural element that is so important in this activity. You can try this experience with My world of Experiències and with Be Forest. You will go on a guided outing, with awareness-raising exercises that will help you connect with nature through all five senses.


Yoga is a practice that, by way of ‘asanas’, meditation and breathing, will improve your health, increasing your vitality and energy, and getting you into shape! In Andorra you can do this activity with Andorra Health Destination. The combination of body movements and acquired awareness and concentration will take your body to a level of harmony and internal peace that provides you with endless benefits! Find out all the proposals on offer and choose the one that suits you best!


Daily stress, noise, anxiety and insomnia are all negative effects of the fast pace of day-to-day life. It’s time to stop and breathe... Discover the most exclusive meditation and mindfulness options offered by the Wellness Experience. You will find specific activities on offer to restore your mind and body balance, while enjoying true mental peace and letting your energy flow!


If you want to enjoy all the benefits of thermal waters, you need to know that a great fault line runs through Escaldes Engordany, from which this mineral-rich water flows. With a composition based on sodium, sulphur and oils, it emerges at a temperature of between 68 and 71 ºC, thus making it into one of the hottest springs in Europe. In Andorra, you can enjoy the benefits of these waters at the Hotel Carlemany, the Andorra Health Destination and Caldea, the quintessential thermal waters centre, where you can also add other treatments offered in the centre to your thermal water therapy.


Slowing down the passing of time and signs of ageing has always been a major concern. Cosmetic surgery aims to treat, maintain and improve a person’s image, like the health and beauty of our bodies, using techniques of varying invasiveness, some of which require the use of local anaesthetic. In the Principality, anti-ageing and rejuvenation treatments are available, using state-of-the art specialist techniques: anti-wrinkle treatments, lip enhancements or just a small physical tweak to highlight your natural beauty. The choice is yours!


If you are an active athlete or often do exercise and sport, then you already know the importance of putting yourself in some good hands to help you stay healthy and agile. It is therefore essential to have a good team of sports medicine experts, such as at the Andorra Health Destination, to correct abnormalities caused by your sport, prevent injuries and get ready for the next season. Their specialities include a wide range of treatments available to you: rehabilitation, osteopathy, treatment to regain strength and muscular flexibility and more.


The skin is the body’s largest organ. It is the first line of defence against bacteria and injuries, and often reflects the state of our health. Dermatology is a science that not only treats skin, hair and nail disorders, it also deals with beauty-related matters, helping you to improve or revitalise your image. Put yourself in the hands of our specialists at the Andorra Health Destination, and discover the best treatment for you. This holiday you’ll recover your skin’s youth and vitality.


Our feet are one of the most important parts of our body, although we often forget that they have to support our weight, as well as the endless steps we take throughout our life. Suitable footwear, good hygiene and walking properly can affect our health, whether it concerns our feet or posture. In our country there are different clinics and specialists in biomechanics, including the Andorra Health Destination, where you will find a wide range of treatments for both daily and sports podiatry. Put yourself in the hands of our professionals, and look after your feet!


In modern-day society, life is so fast and intense we hardly have any time left for ourselves. As a result, it is important to take a few days off to disconnect, stop and breathe. In the Principality we are very aware of this, which is why we offer a number of health plans and retreats where you’ll be able to take care of your physical and mental health. You will enjoy a comprehensive wellness experience, thanks to activities that take place in nature combined with more active proposals, some based on physical exercise.

Among these plans you will find programmes designed by expert therapists with the aim of boosting your mental, physical and emotional balance by developing your strengths, and combining therapeutic techniques, yoga, mindfulness and coaching, among others.

Tailored health programmes with the Andorra Health Destination

Even though emotional and mental well-being is very important, we cannot forget the health and physical condition of our bodies. In this regard, the Andorra Health Destination proposes diverse programmes and plans that perfectly adapt to your needs. They will help you boost your energy, improve your flexibility or regain your youth, while healing or mitigating other minor disorders or injuries. As a result, you can ask for the medical treatments, sports medicine treatments or the Wellness treatments and thermal baths from among the extensive range of experiences on offer. Discover everything they have for you and prepare the health plan that suits you best!

So if you are thinking of travelling to Andorra for your next holiday, don’t think twice about considering this tailor-made option!