Whether it's a quick getaway or part of a longer holiday, Andorra is the perfect destination to recharge, take care of your health and reconnect with nature. There are spas and wellness centres located in all the parishes of the Principalities.


The goal is the same: to free your body and mind, switch off and recharge. And our country’s wellness centres offer different solutions to help you achieve this. Learn about all the relaxation and wellness treatments that you can find in Andorra.


Escaldes-Engordany is a city with a natural thermal spring whose waters are at temperatures of over 70Cº. The Roc del Metge Spring undoubtedly contributed to the quick transformation of the Principality.


Spas and wellness centres

Our country offers a wide array of options for relaxing, but the top two favourites are our thermal waters and our wellness centres.

Spas are one of the Principality's defining characteristics. Our hot springs are a natural resource harnessed by a number of different spas in Andorra, which are a great option for relaxing on your own, with a partner or with a group of friends. One of our most famous spas is Caldea, which was founded in 1994 and gave birth to a new form of tourism: thermal spa leisure. What exactly does that entail? It's a combination of relaxation and leisure that permeates every single space and service, from the LiKids area (for children) to the musical light shows that take place every night at Caldea's facilities. Indo-Roman baths, vaporisation, relaxing wood-fire lighting, Aztec baths, an outdoor lake with an impressive view of the mountains in summer....what more could you ask for? The possibilities are endless and all of them share the same purpose: relaxing and unwinding.

But Caldea is certainly not the only option. In fact, the same building where Caldea is found is also home to the Inúu Wellness Centre, which is a smaller but more personalised thermal centre devoted to therapeutic treatments. It also has a number of treatments not directly connected with thermal water but still entirely focused on the Wellness Attitude. And if you get hungry, it also has a restaurant offering a healthy menu.

In fact, Andorra's focus on relaxation is so resolute that you won't even have to leave your hotel to enjoy our thermal waters, as many of Andorra's accommodation options have their very own spas among their facilities. Do you want to know where? Click here.

Innovative body treatments

In addition to our spas, there is a broad range of wellness centres in the Principality where you'll be able to benefit from the most innovative treatments. Many of them can be enjoyed while comfortably lying on a massage table: Oriental, tension-relieving or full-body massages... You're the one who chooses the treatment, its duration and whether it focuses on your back, arms, legs or feet.

Naturally, your skin and face will also benefit greatly from our wellness centres, which use cutting-edge techniques and technology to pamper your skin with the most innovative treatments available. A vast array of natural elements, such as special essences, honey, chocolate, volcanic stones or oxygen, among many others, are used to help you attain both inner peace and outer balance.

If you'd like to look into all of the wellness centres there are in Andorra, it's as easy as using our search box. All you have to do to attain wellness is relax and let our treatments and professionals do their job. Wellness abounds in Andorra, in every single parish!


Body treatments

Find the spa centres that best adjust to what you’re looking for and let yourself be spoilt…