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At Andorra Health Destination you’ll find the most innovative options for health and wellness treatments. Put yourself in the hands of our professionals, who will attend to both your inner and outer well-being. Find out about the treatments and therapies to balance your energies, improve your mobility, give yourself a cosmetic touch-up or simply recharge your batteries. The choice is yours!

Andorra Health Destination

Discover Andorra Health Destination, where you will find premium-quality products that are completely focused on each client and their needs.

Andorra Health Destination


Find plans that suit your needs, just choose the activity or experience that you’re most interested in trying. You have so much to discover!



If you’re looking to disconnect from your daily routine, wellness centres and spas bring you the latest and best body treatments. Choose yours!



This holiday, indulge yourself like never before. Our wellness centres and spas offer you the best body treatments available. Choose yours!

Moments: wellness walks

‘Moments’: self-guided walks will let you discover a natural therapy to recover your emotional balance and achieve a feeling of well-being, on self-guided routes in peaceful areas and surrounded by nature.

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Beauty treatments
Moments: wellness walks
Forest bathing in Andorra

Recover the harmony and wellness of your body and mind by forest bathing in Andorra. You will feel the effects of both physical and mental benefits.

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Forest bathing in Andorra
Enjoy the benefits of thermal waters

If you are feeling stressed, suffering from joint pain or have circulatory issues, enjoy Andorra's thermal water and discover all the benefits.

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Enjoy the benefits of thermal waters


With a wealth of spas, massage and innovative treatments to choose from, Andorra really is a country where relaxation is a way of life.


Disconnect from the hectic day-to-day

Andorra's top attractions include its numerous spas and wellness centres located all around the country.

Caldea, Andorra's largest spa and wellness complex opened its doors in 1994 and has since become a centre of international renown. Its innovative concept based on leisure and the relaxing properties of thermal waters attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life. Attractions include sounds and light displays, Indo-Roman, Aztec, Arab and other baths with jets, bubbles, temperature changes etc. Open all year round this is a warm and welcoming place particularly during the winter season. Inside you also have Inúu, a spa only for adults, that complements Caldea with a wide range of body treatments alongside other fitness services, directed activities and a restaurant.

A stay in a spa hotel is another option that is available 365 days a year in Andorra. There are many establishments of this type where you can enjoy a dip in a heated pool, a jacuzzi or sauna and many other amenities all year round. So much to do without having to step outside your hotel!

Many of these amenities can also be availed of in the numerous wellness centres in the Principality. Our private centres offer a wide range of body and facial treatments. Some are based on the latest technological advances whereas others are inspired by the ancient wisdom of alternative medicine. Choose from all types of massage, aromatherapy, Reiki, reflexology etc. A full list of what is on offer can be accessed on this page.

Something for everyone

If you thought relaxation was a luxury to be enjoyed by the select few, you will find that in Andorra this is not the case. Our wellness packages are geared towards all types of visitors, regardless of age, taste or budget. Caldea and many other spas offer promotional packages, which often include overnight stays in hotels, tickets for shows or winter season discounts. The centre's waters offer relaxation and rest to adults while the little ones can have fun in the large thermal spa known as "Likids". With its many jets, bubbles, fun classes and more, this area is specifically designed for children.

Many wellness centres offer specialist services of interest to specific types of visitors. For example, a muscle-relaxing massage may be an attractive proposition to skiers and other sportspeople while a couples' massage might be the preferred choice for those on a romantic break in the Principality. And let's not forget the children. Why not get that special 0 to14 year old in your life a Magical Child massage?. Because they deserve it too!


Winter warmth

In our spas and wellness centres the cold and stresses of everyday life just fade away