Viewpoints and panoramic views of Andorra

Miradors: natura en ruta


Andorra is a country with an extensive road network where the natural surroundings are very attractive, which is why several viewpoints have been created where each point has a particular charm related to nature.

Nature en route

Thanks to their excellent locations throughout the Principality, you can visit these viewpoints comfortably from your vehicle, without having to walk through woods or forests. The viewpoints offer informative boards with all the information about the fauna and flora of the surroundings.

These viewpoints have been adapted to facilitate accessibility and universal information. They will have content in Braille, reliefs to touch, and QR codes, providing descriptions in sign language and audio format for those with visual and auditory disabilities, in various languages. In addition, their design improves access for those who have reduced mobility.

They are distributed throughout several parishes and there are a total of 14

Viewpoints on foot

There are also other viewpoints that cannot be reached by vehicle. In this case, you will need to reach the viewpoint on foot, so make sure you are wearing suitable footwear as you will have to walk a few metres up the mountain. Although reaching them is not as convenient as those you can reach by car, it is well worth mentioning that the views they offer and the charm of the surroundings make them a must-see: the Roc del Quer viewpoint, located in Canillo, the Roc de Senders viewpoint in Andorra la Vella, and the viewpoint of the church of Sant Cristofol d’Anyós, in La Massana, are just some examples. Finally, it should be noted that these viewpoints also have an information board describing all the elements to be found around it as well as related topics.

There are more than 30 viewpoints spread throughout the country, where you can survey the topography, views and mountains that can be seen from each one. Find out more at the tourist offices, and don’t miss out on any of them.

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