Summer activities in Andorra

Are you thinking of travelling to Andorra and are not yet sure what you can do during the summer season? Andorra is the perfect destination for enjoying a well-earned family holiday: not only can you have fun doing a variety of winter activities, but it also boasts a wide range of summer activities as well. The resorts, the expert guides and our natural resources offer you an endless range of activities so you can continue to enjoy the Principality at the height of summer!


After the snow melts, it's the perfect time to enjoy nature in all its glory. At our resorts, you’ll find countless ways to enjoy a day full of activities and fun with your loved ones!

Grandvalira Resorts, a destination full of fun and adventure:

Both Grandvalira and Ordino Arcalís are opening their doors to the summer, in order to offer you a wide range of activities to enjoy with your family, friends or colleagues. In Canillo, you’ll find the Family Park Mon(t) Magic, the largest summer activity park in the area, where you’ll enjoy countless activities for young and old alike. There is also a venue for water-based activities where you can go canoeing or ride a paddle boat, just to mention two. Ordino Arcalís, in turn, allows you to enjoy nature by going on a trek or hike. For example, you could take a walk around the Vall de Sorteny Nature Park, one of the parish’s cultural heritage sites. If you want to eat out in Grandvalira, you can have a Snack or a meal at the Restaurant El Forn (Canillo), the Wine & Meat Bar by Jean Leon (Soldeu) or the Refugi del Llac de Pessons (Grau Roig); and at the Restaurant de la Coma or on the Moritz Terrace, by Ordino Arcalís, among other options.

Pal Arinsal, between the Mountain Park and the Bike Park

The second-largest resort in Andorra also opens its doors in the summer to become the Mountain Park - a park for outdoor activities - and a Bike Park, specially designed so you can enjoy your favourite form of mountain biking. The Mountain Park also boasts an area with children's activities located in the Caubella zone, and a space for adults located in Coll de la Botella. But that's not all! Fans of two-wheeled travel also have the Bike Park, a paradise extending for more than 40 km where you can enjoy a total of 29 circuits, all of them perfectly designed and prepared, where you can practise different disciplines such as enduro, descents and e-bike circuits, among others. You can also take your children there, as the zone has a Kids’ Bike Park specially designed for little ones. As for the cuisine on offer, only the Pal sector will remain open. So, L’Expresso, the Xiringuito and the Coll de la Botella Grill restaurants will be open to offer you some of their specialities, while the Cow Bella and Pla de la Cot restaurants and the cable car aperitif service will be available by reservation only.


The resort in Sant Julià de Lòria has two leisure areas with a wide range of fun activities designed for both children and adults to enjoy! On the first level, located at an altitude of 1,600 m, you’ll find an activity centre for the entire family, while at the 2,000-m level you’ll enjoy leisure activities, such as horse-riding, taking a mountain bike trail at the Naturland Bike Centre and more. You can also take 4x4 excursions and learn all the details about the Principality’s native flora and fauna in the nature classroom. To finish off, if you fancy a drink or a bite to eat, there are numerous bars and restaurants open to you: at Altitude 2000 sits the Borda de Conangle restaurant and brewery; at Altitude 1600 is El Foc restaurant, the Restaurant-Cafeteria 1600 and several specialist venues including Racò Express, El Xiriburguer and El Ràco dels Arrosos, among others.


In addition to the countless activities available at our resorts, there is a host of other ways to enjoy the outdoors, such as hiking, cycle tourism, climbing, MTB/E-bike and downhill routes among others.

Go hiking and breathe in the pure air!

For anyone who likes walking through the mountains, Andorra offers a variety of routes so you can enjoy every corner of the country. You can take an easy route, like Les Pardines or the Green Ring route, or you can choose something more challenging, like climbing some of the highest peaks in the country: options include Fontblanca, located at an altitude of 2,904 m, and Comapedrosa, which at 2,942 m is the tallest peak in Andorra. You set the limits!

Travel the country on two wheels

If you like cycling, you’re in luck! In Andorra, you’ll find a wide range of cycle routes spread across all the parishes. You can explore anything from short trails or forest paths through the heart of the woods, to more urban routes; the country has many little-travelled yet smoothly asphalted roads so you can enjoy cycling in total comfort.

However, if you prefer mountain biking, you mustn’t miss our mountain biking routes, which are specially planned and designed to make sure you enjoy every route in complete safety. You can ride them either with our experts or on your own. Alternatively, if you prefer a more environmentally friendly activity, there are also several e-bike routes that are perfect for sharing with the entire family.

Finally, there’s no need for you to bring your own bike from home, as Andorra has several rental centres which cater to all of these specialities.

And if you like climbing the walls...

If you prefer more excitement, you have to try our via ferratas and climbing routes: with almost 30 different routes, you can choose the level and style that best suits you. You’ll find easier routes you can try with your children, along with more expert routes that require better technique and physical conditioning. Likewise, you’ll also find several climbing walls where you can practice climbing in a totally safe environment.

But that’s not all...

Andorra has plenty of other activities that you can do outdoors, surrounded by nature and the country’s flora and fauna! You can have a picnic, enjoy the scenery at a lookout point, climb to see the most spectacular lakes or - why not? - try archery or summer mushing, or take a 4x4 excursion through our mountains. Discover all this and more by clicking on the link below.


The Principality offers you a host of ways to enjoy the perfect holiday! Not only does it have thousands of activities for all audiences, it also has a great mix of culture, shopping, relaxation and fine dining.



Complement your time away with our most exceptional events! Andorra offers an endless list of leisure activities that are sure to captivate you, including music, art, sports, and more.
Proposals as singular as L'Andart, the biannual artistic event that this year celebrates its fifth edition in the Principality!


Andorra’s importance has always been rooted in history, religion and art. The Principality boasts more than 40 churches and monuments, numerous sculptures and around 20 museums that will allow you to travel back in time. With such a wealth of important cultural heritage, we have to admit that it's not always easy to visit all the major sites or to know where each of them is located. That's why, to make sure you don’t miss a single detail, we’ve prepared a series of cultural routes that take you step-by-step around each parish in a combination of nature, history and fun!


Thanks to our privileged location between France and Spain, you’ll find the top brands in Andorra at the most competitive prices. Choose from perfumes, cosmetics, clothing, electronics, the latest technologies, and more. Stroll along the Shopping Mile and discover all the deals waiting for you! 
And remember: if you come during the sale season, you’ll enjoy the most exclusive discounts in the country!


After an entire day full of activities, you deserve a break! There are numerous centres with spas and wellness spaces to rejuvenate you, located in the different hotels you will find around Andorra.  But if you want to boost all the benefits of your wellbeing and treatment session, not only will you enjoy the most restorative and relaxing treatments and massages at Caldea, your skin will also enjoy all the benefits of the thermal waters! What are you waiting for?


Andorra has a broad and varied range of dining options that absorb influences from both Catalan and French cuisine. However, although we can boast that our country has its own, Pyrenees-influenced cuisine, Andorra is a place where many different international cuisines coexist. But if you want to savour more homemade cooking, you can also treat your palate to traditional high-mountain recipes such as the local cured meats, escudella (stew), trinxat de muntanya (a traditional mashed potato dish) and cannelloni. Many of these dishes are made from local products.


Nowadays, we're not only looking for a place to rest our heads; we also want a unique experience of comfort and wellbeing. In every parish you can find accommodation that best meets your preferences: hotels, rural houses, camp sites and tourist or furnished apartments, perfect for spending the night. We’d also like to remind you that our website has a section specially designed to help you find the accommodation that best meets your needs.


If you want to discover the country in total comfort, don’t miss our tourist bus! With a total of seven different routes, you’ll visit the most iconic spots in each parish. The tours, which are always led by an expert guide, are offered in four languages and have different themes. You’ll discover all of the Principality's secrets and stories in a way that’s comfortable, fun and entertaining!

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Andorra is a country that may be small but boasts a large expanse of territory filled with plant life and nature. With over 70 lakes and waterways, three nature parks and more than 60 hiking trails, among other attractions, our little country is a paradise for nature and mountain lovers.