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In Andorra summer means nature

It's the time of year when hikers of all ages visit us to enjoy the biodiversity and beauty of the Pyrenees: on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or in any other way.

Even though Andorra is proportionately small in comparison with other countries, we're second to none in terms of nature: 90% of our territory is comprised of forest, including three natural spaces: The Sorteny Valley, Comapedrosa Valleys and Madriu-Perafita-Claror Nature Parks. The latter is the largest of the three. Not only does it cover more than 40,000 hectares of protected area, it was also declared a Human Heritage Site (Cultural Landscape) by the UNESCO. All three of our nature parks are matchless locations to discover the ecological wealth of the Pyrenees, where the relationship between humankind and nature still remains perfectly balanced and sustainable.

There are incredible natural attractions both within and outside these parks. Our high-mountain lakes, for instance, are particularly breathtaking at this time of year, right after snowmelt. Often nestled in deep valleys between mountains, their crystal clear waters exude nothing but peace and purity. Tristaina, Juclà, Moreno, Engolasters, etc. The lakes in Andorra are as plentiful as they are magnificent—truly unique in all of Europe.

And the Pyrenean mountains, of course, make up the backdrop of all our landscapes, with their spectacular rock walls and snowy peaks—even well into the summer. The most noteworthy peak is the Comapedrosa, often called the “ceiling of Andorra”, which stands at 2,942 metres high, but there are many other peaks that are more than 2,700 metres high, such as the Casamanya, the Montmalús or the Pic del Sirvent. Although reaching the top is a feat only attainable by expert mountaineers, less experienced visitors can also enjoy the spectacular views from all around the mountainsides.

A motley of options for enjoying nature

In Andorra, nature isn't just a backdrop that makes one's holiday pictures look better. The Principality's landscapes are as vibrant as they are accessible (for all kinds of visitors), as they offer all kinds of different options, from hiking trails, which are listed on our website, to cycling itineraries—road routes and mountain biking trails alike. Horseback rides are undoubtedly a particularly charming option, as well as being environmentally friendly. And for those who prefer a more comfortable and effort-free approach, Gicafer tours and Tourist Bus routes are also available.

Enjoy the allure of the Pyrenees in Andorra this summer!


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