Make a note of these traditional Andorran dishes - finger-licking delights for you and the people you’ll enjoy cooking them with. Follow the recipes step by step and make sure you write down all the ingredients you’ll need. Where shall we begin?


In winter, escudella is a staple on Andorran tables. It's perfect for warming up and restoring strength.

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Rice with mushrooms

Autumn brings us delicious mushroom species to pair with some traditional dishes. If you like them, the best recipe is surely rice with mushrooms.

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“La llauna” snails

Snails are a traditional Catalan dish that are finger-licking good. Try them in Andorra’s traditional “borda” mountain chalets They are a delicious treat!

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Andorran-style river trout

Andorran-style river trout is a summer dish. The delicate texture and mild flavour of this fish are what makes this easy dish so delicious.

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Spinach with pine nuts and raisins

Spinach is a highly valued vegetable in Catalonia and Andorra. 

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