The supernatural power of getting in touch with yourself

Ninety percent of Andorra’s territory is natural, so it’s only fitting that we spend more time in the countryside than at home. There are a thousand ways to enjoy nature in Andorra.

You can connect with yourself by strolling through natural parks, following countless trails or climbing to the top of the highest mountain.

If you’re more of a cyclist than a walker, you have to check out our best cycling routes. You can choose to ride up the passes or down the slopes.

When night falls, you can enjoy a well-deserved and refreshing rest in one of our mountain refuges, under a canopy of stars. We have something for everyone, ranging from the typical and traditional, where you bring everything you need, to the warmest and most welcoming, where everything is provided for you. Of course, no one will take the stars from you.

Do you still think you’d be better off at home?

The typical thing to do would be to admire these views, but we prefer you to experience them.

You don’t need to go far to enjoy a good view. You can climb to the top of a viewpoint, cross one of the longest Tibetan bridges in the world or, why not change your perspective and look up? At the foot of Comapedrosa, you can observe the entire night sky in Andorra’s ‘Starlight’ sky.

There are already plenty of typical family days

Are you tired of not knowing where to go, spending days looking for activities for the weekend or spending endless hours in the car to get to your destination?

If you want a break from the same old things, come to Andorra! Here you can hike through magical forests, cross fairytale landscapes on mountain bikes or become an explorer in our adventure parks.

Sporting events

Make a note of the top sporting events in Andorra. Turn off the TV and come cheer on the athletes, live and in person!

Sign up for culture as you like it

In Andorra, our culture is in the air we breathe, because so much of it is in the open air… so you know the drill: breathe in, breathe out… and in the twinkling of an eye you’ll have filled yourself with our culture, won’t you?

Cultural events

Exhibitions, shows, festivals, concerts and more. 
Do you know what's going on in Andorra? 
Check it out here and find out all about it! 


But there is still much more...

In Andorra we are ready to offer you the best. So don’t miss out on our wellness centres and enjoy some relaxing therapy. And if shopping is your thing, treat yourself in our shopping zones and, naturally, pamper your palate too with our range of top cuisine. Discover all of this and more in Andorra!


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