With more than 300 km of slopes, typically, you’d think 
that all you can do in Andorra is ski. 

And you imagine yourself loading your suitcase with clothes to keep you warm in very cold weather. All set to go for it...

To go for that jacket you like so much, to go for a delicious hot stew, to go head-first into a warm-water pool or go sledging through snowy landscapes...

And after skiing, skiing, and skiing again... And end up worn out but cosy in a small hotel near the slopes. Maybe next time you come to Andorra you’ll ski...

A fun winter

In winter, the cold weather gets here and the same old thing happens: you feel too lazy to go out, the days are shorter, there's not much to do, and if you do go out to do something, you’re sure to catch a cold... So, typically, wintertime is movie and blanket time.

If you want to change your winter, come and discover that you can not only ski in Andorra’s snow... You can play with it, jump in it, make an angel, jump again, change its shape, watch it fall and even jump in it again if you want... You and the kids, of course...

The thing is, in Andorra, you and your family are the movie stars.                   


Boredom is all the rage

Looking at your watch, looking out the window, looking at your watch again, looking out the window again... these are clear symptoms of boredom... If you’re tired of always doing the same thing to the point of being bored just thinking about it ... Change your winter and come and see us!

 Because in Andorra we change the meaning of boredom. 


We’ve got so many different activities for you, you’re going to need to rest at some point. So maybe you really will go skiing tomorrow...



What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate: enter the prize draw now for an Atypical escape to Andorra!

I’m in!