Three Kings’ Parade


From 02-01-2021 to 05-01-2021

Their Majesties, the Three Kings of the Orient, work hard all year round to make children’s Christmas dreams come true.

Children’s favourite day of the year is drawing ever nearer: the arrival of the Three Kings of the Orient on the evening of 5 January.

Despite the exceptional situation this year, Their Majesties the Three Kings of the Orient will share the excitement of all the children in Andorra.  With their magic, Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar will visit each parish so the children can see them.

The health measures in force will be applied in each location to guarantee the safety of the event.


On 2, 3 and 4 January from 4 to 7 pm, the hut of the Pages of the Three Kings of the Orient will be open in Plaça Carlemany so children can give them their letters and receive a little gift.
The Three Kings will arrive on the evening of 5 January.
Further information: Canillo Department of Culture and Sport. Tel.: (+376) 753 624,

Encamp and Pas de la Casa
This year, the traditional parades to welcome the Three Kings of the Orient will instead be a chance to greet the Three Kings. Children can place their letters with their wish lists in a box installed in the tourist offices.
In Encamp, it will start in Plaça dels Arínsols at 7 pm with stalls handing out hot chocolate and sweets.
In Pas de la Casa, children will be able to greet the Three Kings from their balconies as they parade by at 6 pm, and sweets will be handed out individually.
Further information:
Encamp Tourist Office. Tel.: (+376) 731 000;
Pas de la Casa Tourist Office. Tel.: (+376) 755 100;

On 5 December starting at 5 pm, Their Majesties the Three Kings of the Orient will parade around the parish so all the children can see them from their homes. The retinue plans to leave from Serrat and head towards Ordino.
Further information: Ordino Tourist Office. Tel.: (+376) 878 173;

La Massana
The Royal Page will visit the parish on Wednesday 30 December. At 6 pm, the Page will go to the Tourist Office in Les Fontetes to pick up the children’s letters, but first, at 4:30 pm, you can enjoy a children’s Christmas show at Les Fontetes Theatre.
On 5 January, the Three Kings will welcome children onstage in Plaça de Les Fontetes starting at 6 pm. Further information: La Massana Tourist Office. Tel.: (+376) 835 693;

Andorra la Vella
Throughout the entire month of December until the evening before Three Kings Day, children can place their letters to Their Majesties the Three Kings of the Orient in the Magic Post Office (Pl. Guillemó, from 5:30 to 8 pm), where the Menairons will collect them.
On the evening of 5 January, Their Majesties the Three Kings of the Orient will visit different places in the parish so the children in their homes can greet them up close. See the itinerary at this link.
Further information: Andorra la Vella Department of Culture, Tel.: (+376) 730 037, 

Sant Julià de Lòria
Children will find a box in the centre of town where they can leave their letters until 5 January.
This year, the Three Kings of the Orient are trading their traditional parade for a greeting. On the afternoon the day before, Their Majesties the Three Kings will greet all the children who want to see them in Pl. de la Germandat. Appointment required.
Further information: Sant Julià de Lòria Tourist Office. Tel.: (+376) 744 045;

The Royal Postman will be available to children on 4 January to receive their letters.
On 5 January, the Three Kings of the Orient will welcome the children of the parish who want to tell them their wishes.
Both events require an appointment, which can be made on the Escaldes-Engordany Pro-Tourism Union website.
Further information: Escaldes-Engordany Tourist Office, tel.: (+376) 890 881;

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