Shopping in Andorra

Andorra is known internationally for the lower taxation on its products (4.5% from 1 January 2013) and for its more than 1.000 shops offering products from all around the world and the latest developments in fashion, electronics, politics, photography, sport, etc. at very low prices...

However, as the country does not belong to the European Union there are limitations on the products and amounts you can pass through customs on your way back to your country (customs allowances) which you must know.

In this section we explain...

  • Borders, customs and timetables

    The Andorran border with Spain and France for traveller transit is open 24 hours a day.  However, in the case of goods or if any purchase has to be declared when entering or leaving the country, for example due to exportation or having exceeded the limit allowed in the allowances, the Andorran and Spanish customs are subject to a timetable (the French one is open 24 hours a day). Here we inform you of the timetables for public attention and the telephone numbers of the three custom posts.

    You will find further information about customs procedures at

    Map of Andorra where you can see the different customs offices in the Principality, divided between Sant Julià de Lòria, Escaldes-Engordany and Canillo.
    Andorran customs
    Farga de Moles – Spain
    Pas de la Casa – France
    Working hours: from 7 to 20 h
    Tel. (+376) 87 99 00


    Spanish customs
    Farga de Moles – Spain
    Working hours: Mondays to Fridays: 8 to 20 h, weekends 9 to 20 h
    Tel. (+34) 973 35 15 54


    French customs
    Pas de la Casa – France
    Working hours: Open 24/24
    Tel. (+33) 56 10 52 021


  • Where to Buy

    Andorra has a broad, varied shopping offer spread around all of the parishes.  However, the neuralgic, economic and commercial centre of the Principality is in Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany. You will find all kinds of establishments in the shopping streets of Andorra la Vella’s Avinguda Meritxell and historical centre, at Vivand in Escaldes-Engordany, and in the streets nearby: perfume and cosmetics, fashion and footwear, pharmacies and drug stores, electronics and photography, music, opticians, jewellers’ and watchmakers, sports, tobacco and liquors, as well as gourmet shops and trades of all kinds. There are also department stores and shopping centres.

    Santa Coloma, at the entrance to Andorra la Vella from Sant Julià, brings together the large majority of motorcycle and car accessory stores and dealers.

    The urban centres of the remaining parishes are also a good place to go shopping in their local trades, pharmacies, hypermarkets and stores of all kinds. At the foot of the slopes we find most of the material and ski rental stores in the winter, and hiking, cycling and mtb rental in the summer.

    If you have any other question, contact the Consumer Attention Service.

    What’s more, life never stops in Andorra…

    When you finish your shopping the nightlife begins with a wide range of leisure premises and activities for you to enjoy your holidays to the full.

    The commercial and economical nerve centre in the Principality is located in Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany.
  • Customs allowances

    The customs allowance is the amount of products you can take across the border on the way back to your country without having to declare them, and therefore without having to pay. Although in some agricultural products (coffee, alcohol, tobacco and similar products), this limit refers to amounts, in others (milk, butter, cheese, sweets, etc.) the value and quantity are both taken into account.

    The allowances for all industrial products except for perfumes and colognes are established by their value in Euros.

    If it is not otherwise indicated, the allowances are for people over age and cannot be accumulated either in value or between travellers, or between agricultural and industrial products.

    Let’s see each type of product separately:

    Agricultural products:

    Amount of coffee and tea in grams that you can take over the border after doing your shopping in Andorra.

    1,000 g of coffee or 400 g of extracts

    200 g of tea or 80 g of extracts

    Amount of alcohol in litres that you can take over the Andorran border
    Alcoholic drinks:
    1.5 l of liquors of more than 22 degrees (or 3 l of liquors or aperitifs of under 22 degrees or sparkling wines) + 5 l of table wines (the under 17s have no allowance).
    Amount of tobacco that you can take over the Andorran border
    300 cigarettes or 150 cigars (under 3 g each) or 75 cigars (over 3 g each) or 400 g of pipe tobacco (the under 17s have no allowance).

    Other agricultural products (limits depending on quantity and value):
    Up to a value of 300 Euros per person (under 15s up to a value of 150 Euros), without exceeding:

    2.5 kg of powdered milk
    3 kg of condensed milk
    6 kg of fresh milk
    1 kg of butter
    4 kg of cheese
    5 kg of sugar and sweets
    5 kg of meat

    Industrial products:
    Here you have a list of the allowances for the different kinds of industrial products with amounts and maximum value so that you can cross the border trouble-free.


    75 g of perfumes + 375 ml of colognes

    Other industrial products:
    Up to a value of 900 Euros/person (adults)
    Up to a value of 450 Euros/person (under 15s)

    If you need further information, you will find it at

  • Consumer Advice Service

    The protection and defence of consumers' and users' rights are essential to the prosperity of the commercial sector of Andorra. Fast, efficient mechanisms are needed to defend and protect these rights and provide a rapid, appropriate response for consumers and users. 

    With this aim, the Consumer Advice Service of Andorra offers an effective, efficient service to ensure that consumers' rights are adequately protected and defended according to Consumer Protection legislation.

    You may contact to:

    Servei d’Atenció al Consumidor

    Dep. Comerç i Consum del Govern d’Andorra

    c/ Camí de la Grau, Ed. Prat del Rull 4rt

    AD500 Andorra la Vella

    Tel (00 376) 875 600

  • Trade opening hours

    Andorra has more than 1,000 commercial establishments open all year, apart from four days:

    The rest of the year, the trade opening hours are usually:
    - from 9 to 20 h from Sunday to Thursday
    - and from 9 to 21 h on Fridays and Saturdays, extending to 22 h at times of great tourist affluence such as the “Pont del Pilar” October 12, All Saints, “la Purísima” December 8, Christmas, the Epiphany and Easter week, etc.

    New Year
    1st January: New Year
    Constitution Day
    14th March: Constitution Day
    Nostra Senyora de Meritxell, patron saint of Andorra
    8th September: Nostra Senyora de Meritxell, patron saint of Andorra
    25th December: Christmas

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