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A high-mountain expert of many years standing, Xavi Bonatti can guide you to a full range of mountain experiences. Check out his specialities below.

Guided activities for the summer

  • Mountaineering: if you are a mountaineer, you can experience a thousand feelings with Xavi Bonatti, climbing impressive ice waterfalls, pipes or the north faces of summits. You can learn the basics, perfect some of your skills or if you like just make guided ascents. You can go alone or in a group.
  • Trekking: discover the trails, paths, lakes and high summits of Andorra alongside Xavi Bonatti. You will certainly see some spectacular panoramas as you explore nature. Book your trip and enjoy some of the most amazing places in Andorra!
  • Climbing:be guided by Xavi Bonatti's team of professional climbers and discover the longest and most spectacular climbs in the country! You can go up a level of difficulty, polish your technique or climb for the very first time. With Xavi Bonatti you can not only improve and enjoy the day but you will can also learn self-rescue, mountain safety and one-two guiding among many other classes. His team of professional climbers will ensure your safety at all times.


  • Via ferrata: if via ferrata is your passion, Xavi Bonatti can take you on the most iconic via ferrata routes in Andorra, including the ascent of the Bony d’Envalira or easier routes, like the via ferrata in the Madriu valley, where you can enjoy a spectacular landscape which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004. You can follow the via ferrata with friends or family since Xavi Bonatti also offers beginner guided routes, suitable for even the youngest of the family. The activity lasts about three hours.

A 2-day mountain ridge programme

If you like mountaineering, don’t miss the mountain ridge programme, which involves two days of the most amazing routes while scaling the mountain ridge. The trek includes an overnight stay at the Illa refuge and starts from the Grau Roig car park. From there, it heads towards the peak of Montmalús and onwards to La Portella de Pessons. Once at the top, all that’s left is to descend to the Illa refuge, where you will spend the night. The next day the route continues to the Pas de Ribuls, where you can climb another ridge before returning to the car park along the Collada de Montmalús. This route is for beginners and involves around 6 to 8 hours of trekking a day.

In winter... Let's do skimo!

Finally, Xavi Bonatti can also take you out in the winter. Thanks to their passion for the mountains and experience as ski instructors, they can guide you in how best to enjoy skiing: learn the best safety procedures, cross-country skiing, up-hill skiing, etc.

At Xavi Bonatti you can order a completely personalise session, they can provide what you want.

Make yours an unforgettable trip with Xavi Bonatti!

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