VSL Sports (Viu Sense Límits)


Thanks to it staff’s professionalism and years of experience, you can do sport in nature with your family, your friends, or with your workmates if you prefer. They specialise in organising sports events in which everyone can take part, given that their proposals adapt to the youngest at home and to the oldest, provided the person is able. All of the activities are also adapted and adjusted to each customer with the difficulty of the activity and the preparation of the person or group. Cycling or MTB, snow shoes, trekking or hiking are just some of the activities you can do with them.

Qualified in SISMIC, they also make customised cycling strips, sell sports clothing from brands unknown in the country and send out 2nd hand material.

They are open all year and are on the road to la Peguera in the parish of Sant Julia de Lòria.

Location and contact


Ctra. de la Peguera, Km 3, Xalet La Serrera

(+376) 390 880

info@viusenselimits.com http://www.viusenselimits.com