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With the strong desire to convey their knowledge and their passion for discovering our country, Andorra Free Tour - Andorra Visita Guiada, is a company with several years of experience providing guided tours. Thus, thanks to the company’s team of professionals, you will visit the most iconic and interesting places of the Principality, as well as learn about its history, culture and art that marked its evolution. You'll be pleasantly surprised with Andorra Free Tours - Andorra Visita Guiada and discover an Andorra like you’ve never seen before!

City Tour of Andorra la Vella
During this 3-hour tour, you will discover the most famous and distinctive places of the Andorran capital along with the historical centre, an area full of stories and anecdotes to be told! The Pont de Paris (Paris Bridge), the Vertical Garden, the Casa de la Vall and the Romanesque Sant Esteve Church, are just a few of the places you will visit. Similarly, we should mention that the meeting point for the tour will take place in front of the first work which will be described at the start of the tour: the “Noblesse du Temps” (Nobility of Time) sculpture, a work by the genius Salvador Dalí, which conceals a fascinating story to be discovered.

City Tour of Escaldes Engordany
The starting point of this tour is located at the main entrance of the Caldea Thermal Spa Centre, one of the most symbolic places in the parish, not just for its avant-garde building, but also for its thermal waters: you will find out first-hand about how important these waters were for the country, both in its history and its development. On the other hand, special mention will also be made of the parish located nearby, such as the Escaldes Engordany Art Centre, the Carmen Thyssen Museum and the Artalroc Exhibition Centre; and you will visit sculptures and monuments that you come across throughout the tour. Sites, which, although they are often passed by going totally unnoticed, are part of the rich cultural, artistic and natural heritage of the country!

Festival of Light, a very charming visit!
If visiting the Principality in broad daylight is a highly enriching experience, imagine visiting it at night! During the summer months you can enjoy this innovative tour in which, not only will you visit the two neighbouring parishes ( Andorra la Vella and Escaldes Engordany), but you’ll also be dazzled by the fantastic set of lights which surround the whole city. Moreover, in this tour you’ll get to see the Neo-Romanesque architecture of the Sant Pere Màrtir Church, contemplate the Dama de Gel (Ice Lady) monument, and find out about the sculptural work known as the 7 poets, where you will discover the wonderful mystery of how the lights that illuminate them change colour. A whole world of emotions to discover.

Finally,a bit of history and culture in front of the Casa de la Vall and the Consell General, and where you will be able to round off your evening by observing the granite architecture, among other features!

The nocturnal visits begin at the Parc de la Mola, just in front of the main entrance of Caldea.

Timetables and other information
Andorra Free Tours - Andorra Visita Guiada arranges tours every day of the week. We advise you to check the timetables, as they may vary depending on the time of year and weather.

The company is very flexible and adapts to its guests, thus allowing for adjustments to any of the itineraries to suit each person’s cultural, architectural or artistic preferences. You can request a completely personalised tour just for you!

The guided tour can be carried out in Catalan, Spanish, French and English and in any language you require. Of course, you must mention it when making your booking.

Finally, thanks to the enthusiasm and knowledge acquired, you will enjoy a relaxed excursion, full of unique tales, curious facts and anecdotes of the most symbolic and distinctive places in the Principality!

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