Vivac Arcalís Experience


Ordino Arcalís always tries to surprise you each season, and this year is no different with its new activity: the VIVAC ARCALÍS EXPERIENCE.

Possible routes

The activity begins with an excursion on snowshoes or alpine skis that ends up at one of the highest peaks in the Ordino Arcalís resort: Creussans peakat 2,679 metres, or Tristaina peakat 2,879 metres.

The resort will select the route, always choosing the safest ascent for you and your group, and reserving the right to cancel the activity if any threats or setbacks are expected.

The activity

To do this excursion, you must be properly equipped with warm clothing and outerwear and meet at the scheduled time at the end of the CG-3 road at the Planell in Ordino Arcalís.

A highly qualified guide will be there to meet you with all the material you’ll need for the activity: an insulated air mattress, sleeping bags, and a tent, all made using cutting-edge technologies and materials. They’ll also have all the provisions you’ll need for breakfast and dinner, which are included in the activity.

Once the group is together, the equipment will be distributed among them and you’ll start heading up to the peak.

The estimated time for the ascent is around 2-3 hours, but may vary depending on the abilities and preparation of the group.

Once you’ve reached the peak, you’ll all set up the base camp following the guide’s instructions. Then it’s time to enjoy the evening, telling stories by the fire while you enjoy a magical night under the stars. You’ll have an incredible time!

The next day, with the first rays of sunlight you’ll be able to enjoy one of nature’s most fascinating moments: seeing a new day dawn over the impressive valley panorama.

Then, after breakfast and breaking down camp, you’ll start the descent back home.

Contact and opening hours

This activity is only available during the ski season: from mid-December to early April.
To book you just have to contact the Ordino Arcalís offices by calling (+376 ) 739 600 or visiting their website.
This activity requires groups of between 2 and 4-6 people.

Witness the wonders of Ordino Arcalís and experience a truly memorable night!

Location and contact