Skiing in Ordino

Many come to Andorra to ski. That’s not the only thing this country is known for, but it is a prime ski destination. Ski in Ordino and become a pro.

Cross-country skiing, snow in a pure state

If you’re a skimo fan, at our resorts you’ll enjoy over 20 routes for all levels!

Skiing as you want

If you’re a ski lover, in Andorra you’ll find over 300 km of slopes for all levels and types of skiing waiting for you to discover!

Skiing at Ordino Arcalís

Enjoy skiing like never before on the more than 30 km of slopes at the Ordino Arcalís resort.

Skiing with the family at Ordino Arcalís

Go skiing with the family at Ordino Arcalís, and enjoy the snow like never before!

Snowmobiles in Ordino Arcalís

This winter, ride a snowmobile and release your adrenaline! You will have all sorts of choices at the Ordino Arcalís resort. Bring your own!

Snow Biking in Ordino Arcalís

If you want to hit the slopes on a bike, then snowbiking is for you! You will find this fun activity at the Ordino Arcalís resort.