Ride across the slopes of Ordino Arcalís on a giant sled


As part of its ongoing evolution, the ski resort of Ordino Arcalís has once again reinvented itself to offer you one of its star activities of the season: sled riding!

Ride on a giant sled

Once the resort’s ski slopes have closed for the day, Ordino Arcalís gets everything ready for you to enjoy a different kind of night-time activity with your family and friends.

Now is the chance to climb on board a giant sled and glide up the mountain (and down again) on the resort’s Megaverde slope.

You're sure to enjoy the thrilling sensation of feeling the snow and the cold air on your face, as there's no structure to cover or protect you from the wind, just like on a normal sled. That's why, even though the journey takes only 15 minutes, it's mandatory to wear warm clothing and the appropriate equipment, because although the sled has blankets to cover you, the temperatures at night can drop to several degrees below zero.

The sled

This giant sled is built entirely of iron and slides along behind a snowcat that tows it throughout the trip at a maximum speed of 30km/h.

This activity is for groups only, and only operates for groups of more than 25 people, which is the minimum capacity for the sled to run.

The route starts at the L’Hortell car park, where you will be picked up at the time agreed in the booking, and you'll then be carried up the slope until you reach the Borda de la Coma restaurant. Once there, you'll be offered a hot broth to warm you up and get you ready to enjoy the dinner that follows.

Dine at an altitude of more than 2000 metres...

The Borda de la Coma restaurant, located at an altitude of more than 2000 metres, specialises in high-mountain cuisine, traditional dishes, typical Andorran cuisine and all kinds of fondues. When you book your activity, you will be given a choice between the Tristaina menu and the Cataperdis menu. Both combine grilled meat (entrecôte, T-bone steak, etc.), traditional sausages, raclette cheese, fondues, and a wide variety of the principality’s local products.
The composition of the two menus is similar. Both begin with a mulled wine, followed by an assortment of appetisers. Next there is a first course, based on a French onion soup, followed by a main course, which is either a 1 kg T-bone steak, in the Tristaina menu, or a cheese fondue, in the Cataperdis menu. Finally, there's a delicious chocolate fondue with fruit for dessert.

In the Borda de la Coma restaurant you'll enjoy Andorran gastronomy like never before!

After dinner...

After dinner, when you're ready to leave the restaurant, you can choose your descent: on snowshoes, skiing, or riding back down the mountain on the same sled. Whichever option you choose, Ordino Arcalís provides you with a “pister”, who will accompany you on a snowmobile during the whole trip, to ensure your safety.

Times and booking

You can enjoy this activity any day of the week during the ski season, as long as you make up a group of at least 25 people. The activity must be booked in advance by phoning the ski resort (+376) 739 639 or contacting them by email: bookingarcalis@vallnord.com.

Other options

If you enjoyed the experience and would like to do something similar, the ski resort also offers you the option of riding on the Gica, a caterpillar vehicle that travels up the mountain throughout the year, making trips in both summer and winter, and which gives you the chance to get to know the flora and fauna of the principality. Throughout the tour you'll also get to enjoy the commentary and explanations of a guide, who will help you discover the hidden nooks of the valley!

In Ordino Arcalís, you'll be happy as a child again!

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