Gicafer in Vallnord


The Swedish caterpillar vehicle has two different modules and a total capacity of 14 places.
Once you settle into the seats, you only need to enjoy nature from another viewpoint. The Gicafer has multimedia equipment to keep passengers in permanent contact with the driver-guide so there is no excuse for missing anything.

Thematic routes can be adapted to customer interests. In addition, there are one-hour snow excursions in the morning (at 12.30) leaving from the Hortell building and heading to Castellar Bridge and the river.
There are also afternoon and night-time excursions lasting 90 minutes with departure points being agreed with customers. The Gicafer can take you to different areas in the Coma del Forat, passing through the Port del Rat tunnel. Here you can enjoy the spectacular landscape of ice stalactites and stalagmites.

The trip can also be rounded off with a snowshoe or snow bike tour, lunch, snacks, dinner as well as taking other trails.
Special prices for 6-11 year olds, free for the under-5s.

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