Freeride downhill: Vall de l'Angonella





6,2 km

Height difference

+160 m / -1,28 km

Start point: From the base of the Ordino Arcalís resort we will take the La Bassera chairlift. When we leave this, we will have to go down the La Coma blue slope a few metres and after just 50 m we will see the Arcalís breach SW; we will climb up to the breach between the Arcalís and Cataperdis peaks at 2,716 m. Once there we will be able to see the whole of the Angonella Valley.

Descent: After the first face, we will carry on SE past the side of the Angonella lakes, after which we will be able to see the Angonella mountain hut. We will then begin our descent through the forest. At some time, and above all at the end, we will have difficulty passing between the trees as the forest becomes thicker and thicker until we reach the village of Llorts. This will help us to follow the river that goes alongside the GR leaving the village. We must remember to leave the vehicle at Llorts or to take the bus going up to the resort and back to our start point.

Parking area: (42°37'55.28"N and 1°29'59.89"E).

Drop: 35-45°

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