Freeride: Pic de Ribuls o de l'Àliga

Descens Freeride: Pic de Ribuls o de l'Àliga

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5,2 km



Height difference

+426 m / -508 m

Start point: Grau Roig resort car park:If we use the resort’s mechanical means, we will start on the Montmalús lift. At 2,330 m we will find a sign for the Montmalús mountain pass and the peak of the same name, 2,781 m; if not, we will climb the blue slope leading to the Pessons mountain hut and from there climb the pass that leads to the western side of the Montmalús peak. From here we will walk or ski down the western ridge, a wide and easy crest to the adjacent Pic de Ribuls or Pic de l’Àliga, at 2,816 m.

Descent: This is a windy northern corridor of a certain width where, depending on the snow conditions, we might find a cornice produced by the wind on our way out. A constant gradient between walls which makes it a very beautiful and attractive corridor. We will come out onto the Circ de Pessons where we will go down the valley in search of the first Pessons Lake and the mountain hut to get back to the ski slopes to Grau Roig and the start point.

Parking area: (42°31'58.09"N and 1°42'1.36"E).

Drop: 35-45°

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