Freeride: Pic de Montmalús

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3,9 km



Height difference

+373 m / -454 m

Start point: Grau Roig ski resort car park. Following the classical route to climb the Montmalús peak, if we do so from the Grau Roig resort base we will climb the "Montmalús" red slope. If we have a ski pass, we can save ourselves a few metres by taking the Montmalús ski lift to 2,400 m, leaving us with a climb of just 378 m. We will go towards the peak alongside the lake, and to the south we will see the Montmalús mountain pass at 2,705 m, where depending on the snow conditions we will take off the seal skins and climb the crest to the peak along the ridge at 2,778 m. The access to the corridor is just after the peak NW, and a few metres below it.

Descent: A very beautiful corridor between large rock walls on either side, with a considerable width that gives us one of the best gulleys in the area with a constant gradient of around 45° and a considerable length of some 300 m. Thanks to its direction, we find good snow conditions well into the spring. We return to the start point towards the Pessons restaurant, going diagonally to the right as we leave the gulley in order not to lose altitude and reach the first Pessons lake and the Montmalús slope, and finally Grau Roig.

Parking area: (42°31'58.09"N and 1°42'1.36"E).

Drop: 45°

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