Freeride: Corredor de la Menera

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4 km



Height difference

+303 m / -646 m

Start point: Grau Roig ski resort car park. We will take the Coma Blanca ski lift followed by the Coma III. If we want to climb from the base of the resort, we will have to go up the Bosc blue slope or the Pala Nova red slope to the ski lift and from here follow its line. Southwards, we climb to the mountain pass there is between the Envalira and Engaït or Menera peaks, and from here we will follow the crest between rocks and snow to the Engaït or Menera peak. We come to the entrance to the corridor on the same crest.

Descent: A very beautiful corridor visible from many points in the Grau Roig resort and easy to get to. It is a very narrow corridor and very steep, with a maximum of 55° in its first part which makes it highly technical. It can have two entrances, but only one is feasible depending on the snow. Halfway down the corridor, the gradient levels out to around 45° and we can find a delicate path where, depending on the amount of snow, we find a stone which is not difficult to get past. The exit leaves us on a wide face that takes us to the Bosc blue slope and the base of the Grau Roig resort.

Parking area: (42°31'58.09"N and 1°42'1.36"E).

Drop: 45-55°

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