Freeride downhill: Canal del Perico





2 km

Height difference

+8 m / -507 m

Start point: Car park of the Arcalís ski resort near the Hortell building. We use the La Basera ski lift to get to the head of the resort and we descend the La Balma red slope until the crossing with La Portella d'Arcalís (black slope); here we will find some iron steps that climb the rock and lead to the antenna, shortly after which we will see the first gulley, 'Perico', on the Arcalís slopes. The access is by abseiling some 6 metres into the corridor.

Descent: A very narrow corridor in the first 30 m, difficult turning! Then it becomes wider and more practicable and speed can be gained. Care must be taken when the resort is open to the public as the corridor ends at La Portella d'Arcalís and we are liable to find skiers on the slope. To sum up: A very short corridor, just 150 m but technical and alpine in its access. In its favour is the fact that it is very accessible, just a 15-minute walk.

Parking area: (42°37'54.83"N and 1°29'59.70"E).

Drop: 40-50°

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