Freeride: Canal Carnissera

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10,5 km



Height difference

+940 m / -937 m

Start point: After the village of El Serrat, going up the road to the entrance to the Sorteny Nature Park. After the car park we climb the Rialb valley, passing by the mountain hut of the same name and following the valley towards La Portella de Rialb. The walk takes two and a half to three hours and ends at 2,509 m. From here, we will put on our crampons and with rope and ice axe in hand, we will climb the crest northwards. This is a very attractive crest of medium/high difficulty depending on the amount of snow, with airborne and highly exposed sections. The end of the crest leaves us directly over the Carnissera gulley, facing the Rialb valley. The Variant is a narrow corridor coming off the crest itself around 100 m before the Carnissera, highly visible throughout the climb.

Descent of the Carnissera gulley: A wide and enormous gulley with a steep gradient of 45° at most at the beginning. Further down it opens up still more and allows us to snowboard/ski fast and enjoy the views of the valley at our feet.

Variant: This is a corridor we can get to from the crest itself around 100 m before the Carnissera. This is an extreme corridor not only because of its maximum gradient (50°) but because of a barrier of rocks at the end which, depending on the snow conditions, forces us to jump or go round the rocks to reach the Carnissera. Difficulty S4.1 Exposure 3.

Parking area: (42°37'32.95"N and 1°33'6.73"E).

Drop: 35-45°

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