Freeride: Alt del Griu canal NO i collada d'Entinyola

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5 km



Height difference

+808 m / -811 m

Start point: Leaving the intermediate stop on the Funicamp, we go down a section of road until we see a Tibetan bridge crossing the river. This start point climbing southwards to the Entinyola pass. We have the option of climbing the same gulley that leads us to the pass between the Pic del Alt del Griu and the Pic del Aspra or we can go for the ridge of the Alt del Griu for direct access to the NW gulley, which we can start without reaching the summit.

Descent: A NW facing gulley (1st) in which we sometimes only find snow due to the north winds that blow the snow in. It is narrow throughout although we can turn comfortably as it is not very steep, around 40° over 400 m. We will then follow the bottom of the valley in the thicker forest area until the start point.

Variant: The second option is to do the descent from the Entinyola pass itself (2nd) in the same direction. This is a very wide gulley without technical demands or a severe gradient (35°-40°) which will take us to the same place as the first option.

Parking area: (42°32'20.75"N and 1°37'51.22"E).

Drop : 35-45°

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