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If you are a fan of skimo, hiking with snowshoes or skiing, then crossblading is the sport for you!

Built with a unique and original mechanism, they feature a reversible system that allows you to enjoy the best of all three worlds. On one side, the ski skins help you stick to the snow and walk in absolute safety, while the other side is a completely flat and slippery surface to use for downhill skiing. All this rolled into one piece of equipment!

Another one of the advantages of crossblading is that you can walk easily and comfortably thanks to being able to wear soft snow boots while using the blades. Likewise, remember to wear warm clothing, gloves, goggles and everything you need for a day on the slopes.

This is the perfect activity for having fun with your family or friends in the snow. Effortlessly explore the most daring parts of the resort for an unrivalled experience with your loved ones.

You can find crossblades at the Ordino Arcalís ski resort and no advance booking is required. Check out the website for more information and other suggestions.

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The Hotel Ordino is located in the historical centre of the village of Ordino, one of the prettiest villages in Andorra. 

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Hotel Coma

The 3-star Coma is in natural surroundings in the centre of the village of Ordino. 

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Aparthotel la Tulipa

The three-star Aparthotel la Tulipa is located in a natural setting in the village of Arans, in the parish of Ordino.

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Hotel Santa Bàrbara de la Vall d'Ordino

The 3-star Hotel Santa Bàrbara de la Vall d'Ordino is a small rural hotel in the heart of the parish of Ordino.

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Hotel La Planada

The 3-star Hotel La Planada lies in Ordino, one of the prettiest villages in the Principality. 

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