Arcalís Natural Park

Arcalís Natural Park

The Vallnord-Ordino Arcalís resort sets itself apart yet again and goes one step further! Keen to be constantly developing, the resort offers a combination of sensations and experiences for those looking for real excitement on the snow!

Park activities:

Arcalís Natural Park was created by combining the freestyle and freeride disciplines. It is an area where you will find endless modules – kickers, cants, walkways, jumps, dubbies, etc. – designed so you can practise your favourite sport without limits!

The Park has different circuits and obstacle areas set up for three levels: the XS level, for those just starting out with this activity; the XL level, for those with a more advanced level; and now there is also Insane level for professionals or experts! This is a level that will definitely give you an adrenaline rush!

All levels have several modules, circuits and adapted areas with various activities. In general, you will find 3 large areas that are very different: the Funtrack, a very fun off-piste circuit, full of obstacles, jumps and other adventures; Backcountry, a freeski and snowboarding discipline where the mountain becomes a  snowpark, with modules, kickers, jumps, etc., made with natural resources; and Woodpark, an area full of turns, jumps and wooden modules strategically placed between the trees, inside the forest.

Vallnord-Ordino Arcalís and the environment

With this off-piste activity park, a new freestyle concept is born in Vallnord-Ordino Arcalís: all the modules and park areas are located and built in a natural way, because for the resort, it is important that the jumps, circuits, obstacles and other features, are made using the mountain's natural resources, making the most of its natural form. The idea is to modify the shape of the mountain, while always respecting its essence. For this reason, Arcalís Natural Park will only be available when snow and weather conditions allow.

Timetables and additional information

Arcalís Natural Park is open Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. You can get more information or book by calling this number: (+376) 739 600.

You can access the park by taking the ski lift or driving up to the park by car.

Arcalís Natural Park, one of the best freestyle parks in the Pyrenees!

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