Agustina Park in Ordino Arcalís


This summer, spend a fun family day at Agustina Park in Ordino Arcalís.

The Coma del Forat area is the centre for winter ski station activities aimed at the youngest members of the family. This park is a family-friendly leisure facility and incorporates a number of children’s obstacle courses with various difficulty levels (easy, medium and difficult), along with an endless variety of other adventure-related activities!

The facilities include a number of obstacles in various sizes and shapes that children must overcome, and a total of four tunnels under the snow, also in various sizes and shapes. Two of the tunnels are six metres in length, while the other two are eight metres in length. All of the tunnels go under the snow and some of them also connect with the surface – and with the other tunnels! It’s a fun challenge your children will love to tackle.

Agustina Park is fully themed around the characters from the Agustina children’s stories, including Leo and Max, who will accompany your little ones on their adventures!

Visit Agustina Park – fun for the whole family! 

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