Moments: wellness walks

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“Moments: wellness walks” offer you the chance to make your own personal discovery. The walks are short and easy to access, designed to enable you to switch off from your daily routine and the stress of the frenzied pace imposed by our society. We have looked to the past in order to recover the values that nature has offered us from time immemorial, and which we have cast aside.

The wellness walks invite you to enjoy moments of calm and reflection, in the midst of nature. They are designed so that you can interact with your surroundings in an organised manner, through questions, exercises, training and various other activities carried out with the help of an aid or guide. The route through the natural space also incorporates basic signage, to ensure you cannot get lost.

Currently, there are two routes available, which are the first in a series of walks with different goals. “Som Bosc” (We Are the Forest) is designed for individuals, while “Som Tartera” (“We Are Tartera”) is designed for groups.

Moments: “Som Bosc” (“We Are the Forest”) is a route designed to be completed on an individual basis. To achieve the goal of self-awareness, users have a guidebook to help them make their way through the forest, where they will encounter different stops requiring them to undertake an individual activity in order to enjoy moments of personal introspection while surrounded by nature.
The route is located in Canòlich, a hillside forest that is little visited but is well-known to the inhabitants of Sant Julià de Lòria owing to its proximity to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Canòlich, the patron saint of the parish.

Moments: “Som Tartera” (“We Are Tartera”) is a specially designed route for teams or groups who are looking to work on the process of achieving goals. Accompanied by an interpretive guide, the natural space will provide the setting for activities related to team dynamics that make use of the different natural resources offered by the route. The team dynamics plan invites participants to enjoy a moment of reflection, in order to give voice to the qualities that make them a team, while at the same time working towards corporate goals or shared objectives. The setting chosen for this new route is Enclar Valley in Andorra la Vella: a stunningly beautiful location that is little visited yet holds a great deal of heritage value for the capital city.

You can find information on how to book a “Moments: wellness walk” at the tourist offices in Sant Julià de Lòria and Andorra la Vella. Information on “Som Bosc” (“We Are the Forest”) is available at both offices, while information on “Som Tartera” (“We Are Tartera”) is only available at the office in Andorra la Vella. The staff will provide you with the instructions and necessary logistical support, so that you can enjoy a fully satisfying and enriching experience.

Use “Moments” to reconnect with yourself while existing in harmony with your surroundings.

We are continuing to work on increasing the number of wellness walks, so that you can enjoy your moment from new perspectives.

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