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Moments: wellness walks offer you the chance to make your own personal discovery. The walks are short and easy to access, designed so that you can disconnect from your daily routine and the stress of the frenzied pace imposed by our society. We have taken a look into the past to recover the values that nature has offered us from time immemorial, yet we have been ignoring them.

The wellness walks invite you to enjoy moments of calm and reflection, in the midst of nature. They have been designed so that you can interact with your surroundings in an orderly manner through the help of signs, in spaces with questions, exercises, information and diverse activities, among other actions.

The ‘Moments: wellness walks’ project starts with ‘We are the Forest’, a trail created for working self-knowledge in an individual manner. The route is located in a semi-mountainous forest, so the activity is recommended for April through November.

Although the access road is often cut off during winter, the beginning of the route is accessible by cars equipped for snow or on snowshoes, if weather conditions permit.

This is the first of a series of routes with differentiated goals that can either be done individually, as in the case of ‘We are the Forest’, or in a group. Each one of the trails will include physical support to guide you on your chosen experience, such as diverse chromatic scales, or concepts and ideas specifically created for each walk.

You can request information on how to book a ‘Moments: wellness walk’ in the tourist offices in Sant Julià de Lòria and Andorra la Vella. The staff will give you the instructions and necessary logistics support so that you can enjoy a completely satisfying and enriching experience.

Benefit from ‘Moments’ to rediscover yourself, while in harmony with your surroundings.