Taxis in Andorra la Vella: rank at the bus station

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Avinguda Tarragona, 42-44
Andorra la Vella

(+376) 863 000 / (+376) 812 345

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Andorra's taxi services will be very handy during your stay in the Principality, particularly if you visit our country by public transport. In that case, the taxi rank located at the Bus Stop will help you continue your journey until you reach your destination: a hotel, a rural lodge or simply another parish within Andorra. On this page you will find important information on this rank, as well as other relevant information.

Where is the taxi rank in Andorra la Vella?

The location of the taxi rank in Andorra la Vella is perfect: in front of the Bus Station. That is, just 10 metres from its main entrance, next to the ticket office. This means that all you have to do to take a taxi is cross the street. The rank is on Avinguda de Tarragona 42–44. 

Taxis park in a small car park way marked with yellow paint and the word “Taxi”.

Other taxi ranks

The taxi rank at the Bus Station isn't, by any means, the only one in Andorra la Vella or Escaldes-Engordany. There are many more! There is one on Avinguda de Meritxell 94-96, also in the capital and at a strategic place, as it's on one of the most active streets, in terms of shopping, of the entire Principality—lined with fashion and accessory boutiques, cosmetic shops, electronic goods shops and an endless list of other options. There is another rank in Escaldes-Engordany, which makes up the old town of Andorra la Vella. Yet another rank is located in front of the Hospital de Meritxell—the largest hospital in the Principality.  You'll also find a taxi rank on Avinguda de Carlemany, 35, in front of the Tourist Office. In any case, you can visit the website of the Department of Mobility and check out the location of all of the ranks in the capital and the rest of the country—there are more than twenty in total!

And if there aren't any taxis at the rank when you arrive, you can always wave one down whenever you see one, without having to walk to a taxi rank. Unlike some other European countries, in Andorra it's perfectly legal to do so and you'll find plenty of vacant taxis driving around.

Further information

If you need more information on taxis services in Andorra or you'd like to call and ask to be picked up, write down the contact information below, for the Associació de Taxistes Interurbans (Intercity Taxi Association or ATI). Telephone numbers:

(+376) 854 555 / (+376) 845 555

Another option is to download an app for smartphones so that you can request a taxi from anywhere in the Principality. Taxitronic is one of the options at your disposal, and can be found both for Android and for iOS.

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