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Ctra. General 1, Centre Comercial River
Sant Julià de Lòria

(+376) 741 565

Andorra is home to the Pasteur Group, with five pharmacies, seven opticians’ and a perfume store, all of the highest quality with a wide range of products.
Next to the River Shopping Centre, between the supermarket and the petrol station, you’ll find the Pasteur Pharmacy. Located in the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria, this pharmacy is fully adapted and air-conditioned, and offers all kinds of health and wellness products.

The chain of pharmacies has a large team of professionals who will advise and help you when making your purchases. You'll find a full range of medicine and beauty and hygiene products, and much more, at very competitive prices, as well as the latest deals.   

The Pasteur Pharmacy offers a host of advantages for online shopping also. You can place an express order to receive your purchases immediately by contacting them through their website or via Whatsapp. Just fill out the form on their website, or send them the order via Whatsapp, by adding their phone number (+376 63 62 61);

These channels let you order prescription drugs by attaching the prescription, and you can also ask questions about a specific product by sending a picture of it. Upon completion of the order, they’ll contact you via text message to let you know you can pick up the order at whichever Pasteur Pharmacy in Andorra you prefer. This way you’ll save on waiting times as you only have to go, ask for your order and pay.

Another advantage Pasteur Pharmacies offer is a home delivery service with shipping to Andorra or Spain. All you have to do is go to the relevant section of the website and fill out a form. You’ll then receive a call where you’ll see the total amount for your order and the time the package will take to reach you at the requested destination.

The Pasteur Pharmacy loves to keep in touch, so sign up to their website and regularly receive newsletters with the latest offers and news.

If you’d like to know which Pasteur or other pharmacies in Andorra are open 24 hours, check this link and find the nearest one. 

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