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With more than a century of history behind it, this auditorium has been through a number of different stages.

From museum to National Auditorium...

Initially, this construction was part of the ownership of Casa d'Areny Plandolit. It was built by the Spanish architect José García de Paredes —author of other works such as the auditoria of Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, etc.— and commissioned by Dr. Pau Xavier d'Areny Plandolit, with the idea of using it as a museum of denatured animals.

Since 1972, the General Council of Andorra has contributed to the reform of these spaces, turning them into a museum house, exhibiting an example of how a wealthy family lived in Andorra in the 19th century, and in an auditorium.

It was finally inaugurated as the National Auditorium of Andorra in October 1991.

What’s the auditorium like?

The building was constructed with the premise of respecting the environment and its surroundings as much as possible, integrating perfectly within the architectural context of the area.

However, following the same premise, at the time of the remodelling of the museum — to be converted into an auditorium—, the exterior walls of the original structure were preserved, thus respecting the same constructed surface. 

The auditorium is divided into 5 floors: on the first and second floors we find a number of medium-sized galleries, with capacity for 90 people respectively, with glass windows. The 2nd floor is also where the authorities are located (they have a box with capacity for 15 people), and on the ground floor we find the access hall to the stalls — the auditorium’s première location, with capacity for 270 seats, where spectators can find themselves just a few meters away from the stage. On this floor we also find some stairs to access the upper floors.            

The stage measures 97.5 meters and is about one meter high above the level of the stalls, and just behind it is the choir, an area with capacity for 44 people, used to accommodate the public or to locate the choral formations.

An interesting fact about the remodelling is that two balconies were added along the entire perimeter of the building which also face the stage!

Concerts and events

Every year there are numerous recitals and events at the National Auditorium of Andorra. Among them, patrons may enjoy the Ministry of Culture’s season of concerts, as well as the audition of the New Year of the ONCA (National Classical Orchestra of Andorra), among many others. The programme of concerts and music at the auditorium is diverse and extensive.

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