eSIM for tourists

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You can activate the pre-paid eSIM, with domestic Andorra Telecom charges, during your stay in Andorra.

The eSIM is available for all visitors to Andorra who had a mobile phone compatible with this technology -which has been around for about three years now- which will allow you to download an eSIM, equivalent to the physical SIM card in your phone but in a digital format.

This service allows you to keep communicating in Andorra while saving on the fees that come with roaming.

To enjoy the eSIM, you should register with Andorra Telecom and make sure your mobile device is compatible with this technology.

With the eSIM, you can choose between the two available tariffs -€9 or €19-, allowing you to make and receive calls, send SMS messages and connect to 4G.

Make sure you stay in touch with your loved ones and share you stay in Andorra!

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