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Andorra is highly sought after in terms of both winter and summer open-air sports, including alpine and cross-country skiing, cycling, hiking, all-terrain cycling, climbing, via ferrata, etc. However, indoor sports are also very popular among both the inhabitants of Andorra and foreigners, partly thanks to facilities such as those of the Escaldes-Engordany sports centre. It houses one of Andorra’s best swimming pools, as well as a fully equipped gymnasium featuring multipurpose weightlifting and fitness halls. It is located at Avinguda Copríncep de Gaulle 10, in the easternmost part of town, near the Valira river and Avinguda Carlemany, one of the town’s most important commercial streets.

A pool for swimming

Whether you enjoy swimming, or you do so for health reasons, there are a number of swimming pools in Andorra where you may practice this sport comfortably. One such pool is located in the Escaldes-Engordany sports centre. In spite of not being of Olympic dimensions (25 x 12.5 metres), it has enough space to practise any style: crawl, butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, etc. It has six lanes, all separated and featuring their own starting podium.

There is also a children’s pool, which is slightly warmer. In it, the little ones may enjoy their first dips and even start practising this sport through matroswimming for instance. To this end, the sports centre offers all kinds of equipment and learning accessories, such as slides, arm floaties, lilos and water noodles.

Its surrounding areas are ample enough to walk around safely, and it features small stands for those wishing to watch a session as audience. In addition, the facilities include saunas, jacuzzis and sunbeds. These are beauty and wellbeing services that are highly popular in private facilities, but that may now also be enjoyed in this Andorra municipal pool.

Your fitness centre and gymnasium in Andorra

These sports facilities also boast three multipurpose halls that may be used for a number of indoor sports. These include fitness, aerobics and zumba classes, among many others, thanks to being equipped with a sound system, and their walls being mirrored. Floor mats, medicine balls and pilates balls are but some of the numerous items that may be used here. Spinning is also a common activity, as the sports centre is equipped with dozens of static bicycles, all featuring kilometre, time and calorie counters. And for those interested in weightlifting, the facilities offer numerous weight machines, abs benches, treadmills, and many more.

You may come to this swimming pool with gymnasium in Andorra at any time within its opening hours, from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. in the evening. To this end, you may buy a daily pass, or enter into monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription plans. There are good discounts available for children, seniors over 65 years old and large families.

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