Roc del Gos iron way



molt difícil



Height difference

+200 / -200

roc del gos iron way

At 120m long and with a 100m,  incline, it requires a high level of expertise as it is extremely difficult.

To begin this via ferrata, you will have to follow the first communal route on the via ferratas on the Canals de la Mora 1 and 2, until you reach its narrowest part (approximately where the via ferrata of the Mora canal 2 also begins) and follow the path you find just to the left.

However, if you take this route in winter, you must go well equipped and take extreme precaution as you will encounter water, snow or ice.

Also, if you wish to extend your route, at the end you will find an 85m abseil :  The Roc del Gos Abseil (not obligatory).

Approach: 5 minutes.  Route:  1 hour 15 mins.  Return:  25 mins.

The Roc del Gos iron way is at GPS point: 42° 34' 04"N, 01° 35' 44"E.

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