Hiking trail: Pic de la Serrera (by Ordino)

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7.165 km



Height difference

+1.129 m

Although it is difficult to climb this peak, it allows you to discover one of the 7 mountains, which are more than 2900 m at their highest point. When the weather is good, you will be able to see the mountains of neighbouring countries such as the Pica d’Estats or Aneto, the Talc de Luzenac quarries and the Pamiers plain.

Our trail begins in the car park of the Sorteny Nature Park (N42 37.549 E1 33.110), where you will take the forest path that leads to the supervised Sorteny hut. Once you arrive, you will take the trail behind the hut and follow the GRP red and yellow beacons that will lead you as far as the Pas de la Serrera (N42 37.374 E1 34.800), and then on to La Collada des Meners (N42 37.266 E1 36.366). Finally, you will arrive at the summit of Pic de la Serrera, where the view is breathtaking.

Along this route, you will perhaps have the opportunity to observe the Pyrenean chamois early in the morning or late at night. Also, all along the route, you will find Pyrenean aster, gentiana burseri, the net-leaved willow, mountain arnica and striped hemlock, among other varieties of plants. This valley truly is a multi-coloured garden.

For your safety, we recommend doing all routes above 1,700 metres between the end of June and the end of September. However, if the weather and terrain conditions allow it, the season may extend from May to October.

You’ll find more details about this and other routes in the Trails of Andorra Hiking Guide.


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