Hiking route: Rec del Solà

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5,13 km



Height difference

-3 m

This pretty downhill walk starts on the plain of Sant Ermengol. If we go northbound on the right-hand side of the irrigation channel, we can go to the Sant Antoni de la Grella oratory to see the water going into the irrigation system and the Romanesque bridge of Sant Antoni. However, to follow this route we will have to take the path on the left. The irrigation system turns south west towards the Valley of Andorra la Vella. While we stroll, we can see a large number of vegetable gardens where the parish country folk grow their own food. If we continue walking, we will see that a couple of metres above the irrigation system there is a picnic point with a magnificent viewpoint. We must also add that on this route we can find information on three interpretative routes: the agricultural transformation of the valley, the growth and urbanisation of the valley and human beings and their adaptation to natural risks.

The route starts on the plain of Sant Ermengol, in the parish of Andorra la Vella (42º 30' 47.8938", 1º 31' 46.5054").

For your safety, we recommend you do the routes at altitudes of over 1,700 metres between the end of June and the end of September. However, if the weather and terrain conditions allow it, the season may extend from May to October.

You will find further details of this and other routes in the Hiking guide Trails of Andorra.




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