Hiking route: Camí de Sta. Coloma a la Margineda

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1.96 km



Height difference

+70 m / -83 m

Start the route in Plaça de l’Espai Columba in Santa Coloma in the parish of Andorra la Vella, in front of the Santa Coloma church. We recommend visiting L’Espai Columba, where you can find out first-hand how Ro - manesque murals were painted. You can also find a host of other liturgic objects. Cross Avinguda d’Enclar and go up to the car park and the church until you reach the entrance of Santa Coloma church. Santa Coloma church is one of the oldest in Andorra, dating back to pre-Romanesque times. It was built between the 8th and 9th centuries.

We climb carrer Major in Santa Coloma to the top of the village, where the cobbled path leaves behind a horse trough. On the path we find an emblematic building of the granite architecture of Andorra, the work of the architect Cèsar Martinell. This is the Russians’ Tower, so-called because a Russian refugee, Nicolas Popoff, lived there. It is modernist in style with reminiscences of Catalan nine-hundred style. Further on we come to the access to the path to Aixàs, which will take to the village of La Margineda.

The route starts at the Plaça del Poble in Santa Coloma, in front of the Romanesque church (42° 29' 37",1° 29' 51").

For your safety, we recommend you do the routes at altitudes of over 1,700 metres between the end of June and the end of September. However, if the weather and terrain conditions allow it, the season may extend from May to October.




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