Trekking and hiking are trendy at the moment. Come to Andorra and hike one of the country's numerous trails.

Hiking route: Itinerari de la Vall del Madriu

Discover as a group the secrets of this pleasant landscape, named Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO

Hiking route: Itinerari de Ràmio

The Camí de Ràmio hiking route in the Vall del Madriu, is a route of medium difficulty that will take us to the Bordes de Ràmio.

Hiking route: Itinerari de Perafita

The Perafita route is in the Madriu-Perafita-Claror valley, declared UNESCO Heritage of Mankind in 2004.

Hiking route: Itinerari d'Entremesaigües

The Entremesaigües route is in the Vall del Madriu-Perafita-Claror, declared UNESCO Heritage of Mankind. 

GR7: Andorra, d'est a sud

The GR7 is a hiker’s grande route that crosses the Pyrenees from south to east.

GRP Andorra: La volta a tot un país

The GRP of Andorra is a circular hiking route that goes round Andorra in 7 stages, designed according to the location of the 30 huts (6 of which are guarded),with a length of around 120 km.