GRP Andorra: La volta a tot un país




Very difficult


107 km

Height difference

+800 m / -800 m

In some sections route joins the two GRs that cross Andorra: the GR7 and the GR11, and the cross-border GRs 1 and 2.

The GRP of Andorra is divided into 7 stages of around 12-20 km each and follows hiking routes of a variety of difficulties and durations, spending the night in high mountain huts. The GRP of Andorra can be reached from 4 points:

1. The village of Aixovall, in the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria
2. Les Bordes d’Envalira, between Soldeu and Grau Roig, in the parish of Encamp
3. The Incles Valley, in Canillo.
4. The village of Llorts, in the parish of Ordino.


1. Aixovall - Refugi de Claror:
Covering a distance of 24.1 km and climbing 2,000 m, this is a highly athletic stage classified as medium difficulty with an estimated time of 8.30 hours. Leaving Aixovall, we will go up to the La Rabassa Forest passing through Auvinyà and Juberri, until the forest route leads us to the Roca de Pimes hut (a free mountain hut for up to 6 people), at 2,160 m, where we will have a short rest. We will continue to the Pic Negre (alt. 2,644) and then we will go down to the Claror hut (a free mountain hut for up to 20 people), where we will spend the night.

2. Refugi de Claror - Refugi de l’Illa:
We start this stage of the GRP of Andorra, which has a length of 12,57 km and climbs 712 m, to reach one of the prettiest lakes in Andorra, the Estany de la Nou. We will continue to the Perafita hut (2,200 m, a free mountain hut for up to 6 people), and we will start to drop down to the Collada de la Maiana pass (alt. 2,426), where we will enter the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley, declared UNESCO Heritage of Mankind, where we will find the Riu dels Orris hut (2,230 m, a free mountain hut for up to 6 people). We can choose to stay in this small hut or carry on to the l'Illa hut (alt. 2,480), one of the largest mountain huts in Andorra with 60 places (a free mountain hut with meal services that can be reserved and expected to become a guarded mountain hut in 2014). Estimated time of the stage: 5.45 hours. Low difficulty

3. Refugi de l'Illa - Hotel Peretol:
On this 12.13 km stage we will reach the highest point of the GRP at 2,829 m just before the Collada dels Pessons pass (alt. 2,810), and then we will descend to the Circ de Pessons and reach the Pla de les Pedres hut (a free hut with 5 places). Here we can decide whether to stay or carry on for another 30 minutes to the Hotel Peretol, which offers very special conditions for people on this route. Height difference: 396m, estimated time: 6 hours. Medium difficulty.

4. Hotel Peretol - Refugi de Juclà:
This stage which climbs 1,061 m and is 10.36 km long, which is also an access point to the GRP, starts with a sharp climb to the Port Dret (alt. 2,565), from where we will go to the Siscaró hut (alt. 2,145) and on to the Juclà hut (guarded in the summer with 50 places) at the foot of the Estany del Juclà, the largest lake in Andorra, where we will spend the night (in the summer the Jucla hut has a restaurant service, beds and showers). Estimated time: 4.30 hours. Medium difficulty

5. Refugi de Juclà - Hotel El Pradet:
We will start this 20.7 km stage climbing 1,512 m towards the Cabana Sorda lake and hut (alt. 2,295), and go on to the Ransol Valley where we will have a short stop at the Coms de Jan hut (free for up to 10 people). After this we will climb up to the Collada dels Meners pass (alt. 2,719) and go into the Sorteny Valley, one of the three nature parks in Andorra with more than 700 species of flowers. The drop down to the Borda de Sorteny hut (30 people) is a pretty descent full of history and traditions. To spend the night, we can choose this last hut or go on to the Hotel El Pradet which offers special rates for hikers on the GRP. Estimated time: 8.15 hours.

6. Hotel El Pradet - Refugi del Comapedrosa:
We start this 19.26 km stage with an accumulated climb of 2,206 m climbing gently to the village of Llorts, before going onto the Angonella lakes and hut and the Pic del Clot del Cavall (alt. 2,586). The route continues to the les Fonts hut, the Pla de l'Estany hut, the Collet de la Font Podrida mountain pass and ends at Comapedrosa hut (guarded and with restaurant service in the summer for up to 50 people). High difficulty, estimated time: 8 hours.

7. Refugi del Comapedrosa - Aixovall:
This stage which goes from La Massana to Sant Julià is 19.58 km long and has a height difference of 1,323m. We start by going down to the Port Vell, the Coll de la Botella pass and on to the Collada de Montaner pass to make a last effort to reach Pic d'Enclar and the Bony de la Plica (alt. 2,405). After a short rest, we will start down towards the Portell de les Comes, the village of Aixàs, la Margineda, and Aixovall. Estimated time: 8.15 hours. High difficulty.

Finish the route and get a diploma with a prize awarded by the Ministry of Tourism.

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