Grau de la Llosa Vantage Point

Mirador Grau de la Llosa

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Without a doubt, the Grau de la Llosa vantage point will show you one of the most spectacular views in the Principality!

A vantage point at an altitude of 2000 metres!

Located in the heart of the Sorteny Valley Natural Park, you will not only will enjoy the majestic views overlooking the Ordino valleys, you will also discover lots of fascinating spots of the park on your way:  the estripagec sculptures (literally meaning jacket rippers, rails designed with irregular points on the sides to deter burglars), which form part of the architectural heritage of the Principality; the botanical garden, where you will find over 300 species of native flora; the Sorteny Borda refuge; and finally the Grau de la Llosa vantage point, located at an altitude of 2050 metres.

Located on the highest point of the Quer plateau, this vantage point offers a panoramic view over the Sorteny, Rialb and Arcalís valleys. Similarly, there are wooden benches, an identifying signpost and an orientation map which complete the area.

This vantage point is located in an easily accessible area and the route to get there is of a moderate level. Having said this, we recommend that you are properly equipped with suitable clothing and footwear, ensure you take water, sunglasses and sunscreen with you, among other things.

As regards the fauna, you will be able to observe dunnocks, small European crested tits, wrens and European green woodpeckers, among others. Similarly, you’ll see the majestic flight of eagles, including the short-toed snake eagle and the golden eagle.

Finally, it should be noted that the Grau de la Llosa vantage point can be accessed through Canya de la Rabassa car park;  there you will find an information booth where you can ask for all the details before starting the route.


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