Drive a swincar in Naturland

Conduce un swincar en Naturland

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If you like the idea of going for a drive surrounded by nature, a swincar is just the thing for you! With a perfect combination of mobility and respect for the environment, you're sure to have an amazing time touring the grounds of the park.

A sustainable all-terrain vehicle

Also known as an “e-spider” for its appearance, the swincar is an electric all-terrain vehicle, which moves using its 4 fully motorised wheels.  Equipped with long-duration batteries, the vehicle has seats for one or two people and a very low centre of gravity, which gives the vehicle great flexibility and agility, thus allowing it to move on almost any off-road terrain.

Despite its appearance, you can rest assured that swincar is a very safe vehicle: among other things, it has a built-in engine brake system that not only gives you security when descending, but also the batteries can self-charge as you go, ensuring a you won't need to worry about charge as you enjoy the activity.

Other details and further information

The swincar activity takes place at an altitude of 2,000 in Naturland and requires a driving licence; children at least 1.20 m tall can sit in on the ride. It will last about 30 minutes and you will always be accompanied by a specialist guide.

Finally, this activity is not included in any ski pass or park ticket, so it must be booked separately.

With swincar, you’ll experience an unforgettable ride that really gets the adrenaline pumping!

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