Cycling route 09: Erts-Port de Cabús

Cycling route 09: Erts-Port de Cabús


molt difícil


15,6 km

Height difference

+1,052m / -90 m

Its difficulty is grade 1a sp (very difficult). This Cycling route  starts in the village of Erts in the parish of La Massana and climbs the CG-4 to the Port de Cabús. The average gradient on the climb is 6.2% with a total difference in level of 962 metres and a distance of 15.6 kilometres. This is one of the longest marked cycling routes in the principality. At the end of the route we find the Storm in a teacup sculpture by the artist Denis Oppenheim.

Warning: Road under construction. Maximum precaution is recommended to all cyclists who take this route.

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