Coll de la Botella Vantage Point

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You will find the Coll de la Botella vantage point located on a widened stretch of the road at an altitude of over 2000 metres, offering views that will not fail to amaze you.

Located next to the famous “Storm in a Teacup” sculpture, (created by the artist Dennis Oppenheim), you will enjoy a panoramic view of the La Massana valley: you’ll be able to see the towns of Pal, Erts, Arinsal, as well as take in the Sorteny Natural Park of the Parish of Ordino and even the Comapedrosa Natural Park, in which the highest peak of the Principality is to be found!

Additionally, if you look at the view from the other side of the road, you can see the Solanyó Ravine, the Setúria Valley and if you look further away you can even see some mountains in the neighbouring country such as the Os de Civís and the Tor, among others.

Finally, it should be noted that this vantage point is at the foot of the road, on the CG 4, at kilometre 13.3, where you will also find a large tarmacked area where you can park your vehicle.

Lastly, it should be added that the Coll de la Botella vantage point is a place that simply invites you to make a stop and enjoy the spectacular view over the valley, before resuming your route.

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